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Working Dental Laser


Small-sized 3-mcm Dental Laser

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  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine

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Vavilov State Optical Institute (GOI), Russia, St Petersburg


  • Siemens AG / Medical Engineering Group, Germany, Bensheim\nIPHT-Jena / Institut für Physicalishe Hochtechnologie e.v., Germany, Jena\nVITCON Projectconsult GmbH, Germany, Jena\nUniversität Ulm / Institut für Lasertechnologien in der Medizin und Messtechnik, Germany, Ulm\nCarl Zeiss Jena GmbH, Germany, Jena

Project summary

In the Project it is proposed to use technological potential and achievement in the field of optical materials, including laser IR-range crystals, being available in Scientific Center "S.I.Vavilov GOI", for development of a small-sized 3-micron dental laser. The mock-up of small-sized 3-micron dental laser (so-called laser - converter with the sizes of a pen, so that it could be located in a hand of the surgeon) was developed and was made during the work on the Project #149-95 ISTC "Conversion of military IR technique to medical laser technology for dentistry".

The developed mockup of the laser has the same parameters as well as the 3-mcm lasers of the conducting companies in the world market (2,95 microns, 5 Hz, 500 mJ, 200-400 microseconds), but differs by smaller required power (in 1,5 time), smaller beam pergence on an output from the tool, and also lower price of the device. Moreover the pumping energy (radiation with wavelength » 1 micron, freely passing through a standard quartz fibres) and cooling agent are run to the laser - converter by means of flexible thin hose with radius of a bend » 50 mm, that facilitates work of the surgeon. However the given mockup of the laser is intended only for researches and cannot be used directly for realization of surgical operations. The additional researches and design development are necessary for creation of the medical device, suitable for integration in standard dental stations. Results of researches under the project # 149-95 ISTC allow choosing the best variant of the laser, suitable with the commercial point of view. The most favorable variant is the 3-micron laser - converter with use of the mechanism direct pumping on 1,12 mcm wavelength. This approach raises efficiency of the laser - converter up to 26 %, significantly (up to 0,5 kW) reduces required power, allows to reduce dimensions of the laser - converter up to a level, ensuring an opportunity of its use as the endoscopic tool at preservation of the specified above advantages of a breadboard model created within the framework of the project. For fulfillment of the put purpose it is necessary to raise efficiency the pumping laser on 1,12 mcm wavelength, to reduce optical losses in fiber lightguide, to develop a design of the laser - converter, adequate the special medical requirements. During the work it is supposed:

- To improve technology of fluoride rare-earth metal crystals with the purpose of increase conversion efficiency of radiation 1,12 mcm in 3 mcm.
- To design and to optimize (increase efficiency) pumping laser on 1,12 mcm.
- To make a quartz fibre lightguide with the minimum optical losses of high laser capacity for 1,12 mcm wavelength.
- To design and to optimize 3-micron Laser-Converter.
- To optimize cooling system, control and power supply blocks of laser system.
- To develop special optical reflecting and antireflecting coatings for active element of the laser - converter.
- To make a compact working sample of the small-sized laser in view of the special medical requirements.

The small-sized 3-micron laser (including cooling system, control and power supply blocks), intended for dentistry and microsurgery in ophtalmology and suitable for integration in standard medical devices (dental station with the normal classical surgical tool, controlled by the engine) will be submitted at the completion of the Project. The laser will undoubtedly have demand in the market.

Potential Role Foreign Collaborators

Foreign collaborators can accept participation in realization of tests of new lasers on biological objects and in development of the specific requirements to devices, used in laser medicine (dentistry, dermatology, ophthalmology and other).

The firms SIMENS (Germany), VLTCON (Jena, Germany) and ILM (Ulm, Germany) are going to use new devices in laser medicine and to organize their manufacture and sales in the world market. Appropriate of the reference from the specified firms are applied.


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