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Submarine Disposal (R)


Underground localization in permafrost of decommissioned reactor sections from atomic submarines and ice-breakers, special compartments of vessels for atomic service and packs with spent fuel from atomic power stations.

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  • ENV-WDS/Waste Disposal/Environment

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Senior Project Manager
Kondratenkov Yu B

Leading Institute
VNIPI Promtechnology, Russia, Moscow

Project summary

The purpose of this project is the development and realisation of ecologically safe technologies for underground isolation of large sized sections of decommissioned atomic submarines and ice-breakers, special compartments of vessels for atomic technical service and casks with spent fuel (if this fuel cannot be reprocessed because of conditions of casks) from atomic marine and atomic power plants from northern regions of Russia. The basis of technical approach to solve given problem presents the proposed by VNIPIPT concept on underground isolation of radwaste In permafrost of Arctic geocryological region of RF.

Given concept was presented to state authorities in 199° and was approved as a whole by Ecological Commission of Experts or Minecology of RF, Gosatomnadzor, Ministry of Public Helth and mining section scientific and technical board of Minatom of RF.

Concept realization applicable to the problem of management of radioactively dangerous large-sized objects will permit:

- to safely Isolate radwaste from the environment for long periods of time without putting the matter in future generations hands for keeping repositories system undisturbed and not creating for them significant restrictions as a consequences of storage availability;

- to provide for long-term radiation safety of the environment in accordance to existing coordinated principles of radiation safety;

- to significantly improve ecological situation in a number of regions of Russia. First of all it concerns Kolsky peninsular, Archangelsk region (city of Severodvinsk), Kamchatka coast etc. and in future this very circumstance will positively effect the ecological situation in contiguous to Russia foreign states.

Following improvements of technical and economical Indices are supposed to take place compared to domestic and foreign analogues of disposing systems being developed:

- the possibility of radionuclldes migration exclusion beyond the working volume of a repository and provision for safe keeping of the environment during the whole period of potential danger of large-sized objects;

- relative simplicity and comparatively small capital investments while constructing, operating and conserving underground repositories;

- shortening of periods of repository construction and putting them Into service;

- because of everywhere occurrence of permafrost in the regions of Far North of Russia that significantly simplifies the choice of sites for underground isolation of large-sized objects;

- possibility of location of underground repositories in regions not suitable from the point of view of their useful application.

During the process of project carrying out the following operations are planned to be fulfilled: mathematical modeling of thermal, physical and migration processes, conduction of field investigations of geocryological and specific physical properties of rocks on sites suitable to solve such a problem; development of technological solutions on preparation for large-sized sections disposal; development of finished technological scheme for waste isolation including thorough working out of all problems connected with safe operation of the repository and environment protection.


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