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Electrochemical Regenerator for Artificial Kidney


The Study of Concept, Development and Investigation of the Unit of Electrochemical Regeneration of Dialysing Solution for "Artificial Kidney"

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  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine

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Senior Project Manager
Komarkov D A

Leading Institute
Electromechanical Plant "Avangard", Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov\nAll-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Medical Equipment, Russia, Moscow


  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA, CA, Livermore

Project summary

In the majority of modem apparatuses "the artificial kidney" (hemodialysis machines) normalizing the influence on human organism (stabilization of ionic composition, detoxification and the removal of surplus water) is reached by the one-fold way (without regeneration) use of dialyzing solution (dialyze), which after interaction with blood in dialyzer merges into the water sewerage system. For one procedure of outer-kidney purification of blood by hemodialysis method 120 - 150 liters of dialyze are spent and this solution is automatically prepared by dosage mixing of clear water and concentrate, that causes the need for additional equipment for dialysis center complexes with complex, bulky, expensive devices and with the auxiliaries for preparation of clear water and preparation of concentrate.

The regeneration of the processed dialyze provides large autonomy of functioning of the hemodialysis apparatus, allows to reduce considerably capital expenses for hardware, reduces the expenditure (up to 3 - 5 liters on one procedure) of clear water, improves the use of space of the hospital, and mainly, creates the preconditions for increase hemodialysis physiology due to essential (in 20 - 30 times) reduction of dialyzing solution volume as heterogeneuos artificial environment interacting within organism of a patient. The given circumstance allows to prove the creation of apparatus "the artificial kidney" with regeneration of dialyzing solution, that has wide application in medical practice, including mobile medical complexes for"medicine of accidents".

For the purification of dialyze it is offered to use a method of electrochemical oxidation of organic metabolites: urea, creatinine, uric acid and other nitrogen-containing metabolites with subsequent sorption clearing of products, developed at electrochemical oxidation, and also the indemnification of removal potassium and inorganic phosphorus from dialyze and stabilization pH of a solution.

At the development of the block of electrochemical regeneration it is necessary to solve the following technological problems:

- to investigate the electrochemical processes of nitrogen-containing metabolites oxidation;
- to define the optimum composition of components (reagents) for final cleaning dialyze;
- to choose the materials of electrodes and to develop the technology of their manufacturing;
- to develop algorithm of functioning of the block of regeneration;
- to optimize a mode of functioning of the electrolysis cell and of the device for final cleaning in the block of regeneration.

The purpose of the present project is to research the design philosophy, substantiation of structure, parameters and constructive fulfillment of the advanced development of the block of electrochemical regeneration of dialyzing solution for apparatus "the artificial kidney".

During the project fulfillment, it is suggested that the collaboration with foreign companies be established which may proceed in the following directions:

- exchange of the information;
- joint studies;
- joint commercial implementation of the project results.


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