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Detection of Biological Objects


Development of Magnetometric Methods for Remote Diagnostics and Location of Biological Objects

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  • ENV-EHS/Environmental Health and Safety/Environment
  • ENV-MIN/Monitoring and Instrumentation/Environment
  • INS-MEA/Measuring Instruments/Instrumentation

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Leading Institute
Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Supporting institutes

  • MIFI, Russia, Moscow


  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA, CA, Berkeley\nOakton International Corporation (OIC), USA, VA, Oakton

Project summary

The objective of the project is to develop magnetometric methods and to produce the corresponding magnetometric apparatus for remote diagnostics of organism’s vital functions and for detecting living biological objects get into extreme conditions.

Human organism is a dynamic self-regulated system. Its stability (homeostasis) is supported by functioning of distributed physiological systems – neuro-regulation, blood circulation, metabolism etc. Permanent functioning of all system supported human life is reflected in real time in the complicated model of physical fields and radiations released by a human organism (infra-red, micro-wave, optic, acoustic radiations, electric and magnetic fields).

Exact measurements and dynamic mapping of these fields and radiations allow to develop new methods of early medical diagnostics which is an important component of the preventive medicine. Basing on the methods of registration of these fields and radiations, we can develop technique for performing anti-terrorist operations (detecting hidden living biological objects during border and customs inspection), searching and detecting living biological objects get into extreme conditions (under blockage occurred in accidents, natural disasters and catastrophes etc.).

Bio-magnetic field is one of the most informative channels of remote monitoring of human body as living tissue is transparent for low-frequency magnetic field. Measuring magnetic field external to a human body gives data about bio-energetic activity of human internal. From the other hand, high penetrating ability of magnetic field allows to use it for development of absolutely new methods of searching and detecting living biological objects get into extreme conditions.

When developing bio-magnetic measuring systems, scientists and engineers usually aim at their potential usage under unshielded conditions as just this direction opens real perspectives for applying SQUID-based measuring systems in clinical practice. Magnetic measurements of human brain are at early stage but still give results which are important for diagnostics.

The distinguishing feature of performance of bio-magnetic measuring systems in unshielded space is limitations caused by high level of electromagnetic noise in large cities.

Source of magnetic field radiated by a human heart is much the same as that of electric field – moving border of myocardium excitation area. There two methods of investigating this field which are measurements by magneto-cardiograms (MCG) and dynamic magnetic card (DMC). Comparing with the traditional cardiography (ECG), the main advantage of MCD is possibility to localize field sources with high accuracy (about 1 cm).

The proposed project comprises performing investigations of informative characteristics of electric and magnetic signals generated by biological objects get into high-intensity external magnetic field.

Application of additional controlled parameter (external magnetic field) in proposed investigations will allow:

  • to increase informative capability of remote methods of diagnostics of vital functions;
  • to improve reliability of registered signals due to separation them out from noises;
  • to use methods of bio-magnetic fields registration for detecting living biological objects under the extreme conditions.

Attainability of the set goals is confirmed by theoretical estimates performed. They have shown that level of magnetic field generated by biological object placed into external magnetic field increases with the growth of external magnetic field. For example, growth of external magnetic field induction from 0.1 to 10 Tl results in increasing of the bio-magnetic field value from 40 pTl to 4 nTl which is much higher than usual magnetic fields generated by bio-electric sources.


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