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Development of a New Environment Monitoring Device


Study of spectral characteristics of the infected environment and elaboration of the automatic identifier of the micro-organisms

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  • BIO-INF/Bioinformatics/Biotechnology
  • INF-SIG/Sensors and Signal Processing/Information and Communications

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Georgian Technical University, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • School of Public Health and Community Medicine University of Washington, USA, OR, Portland\nInternational Bureau for Environmental Studies, Belgium, Brussels\nUniversity of Colorado at Boulder / Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, USA, CO, Boulder\nThe Agricultural Research Council (CRA), Italy, Rome

Project summary

The raising of vitality of the mankind and the improvement of conditions of it's life greatly depend on the degree of development and use of the means of control of environment's composition and parameters.
Day by day a biological weapon becomes more and more dangerous, raising problems which are especially urgent for our 21-st century - century of biology. In contrast to chemical or nuclear weapons, biological weapon represents alive organisms or microorganisms, which are able to be propagated. Freed pathogenic bacteria start independent life, poisoning a large amount of people.
Pathogenic bacteria are used as a biological weapon as well, which is equally dangerous for both, the proposed objects of attack and its producers.
The essence of the problem is that, pathogenic bacteria must be rendered harmless, before they do harm.
The main problem of staving off infectious diseases is identification of micro-organisms causing information diseases, i.e. determination of the type of pathogenic bacteria and degree of infection (poisoning).
In the capacity of biological weapon can be used the stimuli of the following infectious diseases: Bacillus anthracis, Yersinia pestis, Francisella tularensis, Brucella species, Vibrio cholerae and etc.
The environment monitoring (analysis) is carried out on the sample taken from the infected environment in the special expensive laboratories and it takes several days.
In spite of hundreds of existing tests for identification of stains, there is no method of automatic identification that could fully meet the modern demands laid to the modern automation, measurement range and errors.
The project actuality is determined by lack of the sufficient standard of the scientific researches for creation of the industrial samples of analyzers of the environment for the purpose of staving off bacteriologic infection.
For the purpose of rise of vitality of the mankind and improvement of the environment by means of its protection from infection a construction of the universal identifier of bacteria device for monitoring the environment, elaboration of the automatic universal detector of information is offered by the group of authors which will enable to decrease significantly the measurement time and labor-consumption, and increase precision of the bacteria identification and determination of the degree of infection. The identifier can be used in both, the systems of the infection signalization and the infected environment in the systems of its automatic neutralization.
A new method and mode of determination of the level of infection of the infected environment elaborated by the group of authors enable in the case of funding to change radically the existent state.


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