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Reactor for Neutron Therapy


Designing of the Specialized Small-Sized Medical Reactor for Neutron- and Neutron-Capture Therapy

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  • FIR-REA/Reactor Concept/Fission Reactors

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Leading Institute
FEI (IPPE), Russia, Kaluga reg., Obninsk

Supporting institutes

  • Medical Radiological Scientific Center, Russia, Kaluga reg., Obninsk

Project summary

The nessesity for Specialized Medical Reactor arises to provide the radiation therapy in connection with its advance in oncology desease treatment. This desigh will support the widespread applica-tion of the radiation therapy. Purpose of the design.

The concept elaboration and the computational & experimental substantiation of the Specialized Medical Reactor with higher nuclear and radiation safety. The creation of the effective radia-tion therapy treatment methodology taking into account the possibi-lities of the reactor proposed.

The purpose formulated here corresponds to ISTC requirements because:

a) the Medical Reactor Design is an alternative direction of the peaceful atomic energy usage and of the attraction of scientists, engineers and technicians involved in modern armaments industry before;

b) its results are directed to public needs in the expansion of the oncology disease radiation treatment and they may evoke the great interest in many countries and thereby favour the international collaboration.

Research directions:

a) The display reactor realization. Carring out the experiments to study and select the main features of future medical reactor and special device that forms neutron and gamma beams.

b) The concept elaboration of the reactor with higher nuclear and radiation safety. Carring out neutron, thermal, strength and other calculations to select its basic variant.

c) The radiation therapy methodology elaboration on the basis of obtained beam parameters.and resources of proposed medical reactor.

Expected results:

a) The selection of Medical Reactor concept and calculation & experimental substantiation of its main features.

b) The elaboration and issue the technical proposal and the feasibility study documents.

c) The selection of optimum beam parameters and optimum irradia-tion treatment regimes for radiation therapy.

Taking into account the neutron- and neutron capture therapy achievements and also the achievements in joined gamma-neutron radiation therapy it is possible to expect demand arising on such reactors, therefore, it seems possible to hope on covering of all expences including their elabotation and creation.

Work capacity is defined by earring out the experimental and theoretical researches on reactor and radiation physics, biology and medical physics in Institute of Physics and Power Engineering and Medical Radiology Science Centre. To fulfil the Design, there are: skilled specialists t validated techniques , calculation codes, equipment and measuring facilities.


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