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Radio-Modifying Preparations from Vegetation


Search for and Creation New Radiomodifying Preparations from Natural Vegetation of Kazakhstan

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  • MED-DRG/Drug Discovery/Medicine
  • MED-RAD/Radiomedicine/Medicine

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Leading Institute
Kazakh National University, Kazakstan, Almaty

Supporting institutes

  • National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakstan / Institute of Radiation Security and Ecology, Kazakstan, Kurchatov


  • University of Georgia, USA, GA, Athens

Project summary

Intensive development of nuclear power sector, wide-spread application of irradiation in different branches of economy and radioactive contamination of the environment make actual search for new ways to enforce the stability of organisms against radiation and cure for radiation induced diseases. Wide spread usage of radiation and chemotherapy to treat cancer makes it actual to search for new effective radio-sensitizers.

Many substances of different chemical nature are known as sensitizers: anti-oxidants, oxidants, reduction agents, sulphur and nitrogen contained complex compounds, myotic poisons, ferments and co-factors, metabolites and inhibitors of metabolism, etc., but they are not efficient. For example, after irradiation of animals with one time mortal dose, protective affect of the known preparations does not exceed 40-70%. Besides, utilization of these preparations in medicine and veterinary is limited due to toxicity and side effects.

A perspective direction is search for natural preparations against radiation especially polyphones and quinines. It was found that many natural polyphones have anti-oxidant and anti-tumor activity, low toxicity and are easily accepted by an organism. Being involved in metabolism, they provide radio-modifying action (leucoefdin, chrisophanol derivatives, preparations from dog-rose, hawthorn, alhagi, crassula etc.).

Recovery an effective radio-protector or radiosensitizer, according to our opinion, will help to discover the mechanism of somatic and genetic protection from radiation and to elaborate new protection methods against radiation for organisms and methods for utilization of radiation in biology, medicine and agriculture.

Utilization of adaptogenes and immunomodulators, that are able to normalize homeostasis of a system and increase immunity of an organism is important for health improvement of the population living in zones of environmental disaster.

For these purposes preparations obtained from wide spread herbs of Kazakhstan would be created and tested.

The aim of the project is to create new effective chemical and phyto-preparations with radio-modifying properties from natural vegetation.

The main tasks include:

· Creation chemical and phyto-preparations from widespread natural vegetation of Kazakhstan, investigation of their composition and structure, elaboration the optimum technology and obtaining enough amount for bio-tests.

· Investigation of toxicity and specific activity for different biological objects, selection and testing of the most effective preparations.

· Elaboration a medicine, carrying out clinical tests of the selected radio-modulators.

· Preparation the necessary documents to submit to the Pharmacological Committee of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan.

Many substances of different chemical nature with radio-modulating properties are known. But practical medicine has no means for prophylaxis and treatment for radiation diseases. Besides, investigation of somatic activity and genetic protection from irradiation may be the base to create new methods for radiation protection. The results of investigations in the sphere are protected with patents and certificates of invention by the authors.

For project realization a research group consisting of Kazakhstan’s scientists has been made.

Collection of herbs, creation chemical and phytopreparations, establishing of their structure and composition, elaboration a technology and obtaining the necessary amount for bio-tests would be made at the Chair of Organic Chemistry and Chemistry of Natural Compounds under the leadership of Professor Muzychkina R.A. as well as preparation the necessary documents for the Ministry of Health.

Primary tests of the preparations and their radio-modulating properties on different bio-objects, selection the most effective preparations and assessment of their radio-protecting activity according to clinical and cyto-genetic indicators would be made at the Institute of Radiation Security and Ecology of the National Nuclear Center (Professor Seisebaev A.T., Karabalin B.K., Kadyrova N.Z.).

Using scientific literature and own experimental data on chemical and biological investigation of separate groups of natural compounds (flavonoids, antraquinones, polysaccarides, catechins, tannins) on the one hand, and using list of permitted for medical usage pharmaceutical herbs on the other hand, we selected the list of perspective herbs to obtain chemical substances, phyto-preparations and their chemical derivatives. We obtained a number of biologically active compounds that are being tested for toxicity and specific activity on laboratory animals and plants. Screening would be used for selection radio-protective compounds and means against irradiation. Biological methods are considered the most reliable for evaluation radio-modifying substances on different bio-objects at different rate of irradiation. Mortal dose (MD16, MD50, MD84) would be determined after in-belly injection of the preparations.

The team of researchers includes high qualified people who have been working in the sphere of herbs’ chemistry and creation of phyto-preparations for over 30 years. We have expertise in extraction, separation, purification and identification of chemical substances. We have a database on chemical composition of over 300 herbs of Kazakhstan. We also have expertise in screening and investigation of radio-modifying activity of chemical preparation on different bio-tests: plants, laboratory animals and cellular cultures in vivo and in vitro. We have the necessary methodology, good vivarium, gamma unit, other necessary equipment to implement the project in time. For better performance we need additional equipment (biological microscope, computer, HPLC, amino-acid analyzer, lyophilic drinage) and funds (to purchase and maintain animals, to purchase materials and reactives, for traveling to collect herbs and plants.

The project supposes extension of communications and contacts with similar organizations and scientists engaged in similar problems abroad.

Expected Results

1. On the basis of medicinal plants of Kazakhstan and products of chemical modification of polyphenols and quinones would be made a number of chemical and phyto-preparations with established composition and structure and elaborated a technology for their obtaining.

2. Comparative assessment of toxicity and specific radio-modulating and mutagen activity of the preparations would be made on different test-systems depending on the chemical structure and dose of radiation, method of injection and dose of the preparation.

3. The most effective radiomodifyers and adaptogenes would be selected and treatment methods after sharp and chronic irradiation of animals would be unified.

4. Medicine and necessary documents for their certification at the Pharmaceutical Committee of Kazakstan would be prepared.

Since the final results of the project are related to prophylaxis and health improvement for people working in atomic industry and living in zones of environmental disaster, we plan to continue these investigations, to get permission for clinical tests and eventually to produce the preparations.

Technical Approach

It is planned to obtain chemical and phyto-preparations from accessible natural herbs, investigation of their composition and structure, and creation a medicine for bio-tests. It is planned to obtain enough quantity of the preparations for experimental research of their biological activity, toxicity and specific radio-modifying activity using test-systems, different kinds of animals and plants, and assessment of the selected preparations according to clinical and cyto-genetic indicators. It is planned to elaborate a technology for obtaining selected after the experiment preparations and elaboration the necessary documents to get permission for clinical trial of the most promising preparations.

Potential Role of Foreign Partners

It is expected to carry out joint biological tests, discussions of the results and selection the most effective preparations as well as to prepare joint recommendations and patents. We would like to get assistance for clinical tests and implementation of the results.


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