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Creation of the Haloinhaler for Therapy of Inflammatory Diseases of Respiratory Tract, Designated as Pipsa (The Pulsing Inhaler of Potassium Saline Aerosol)

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  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine
  • INS-OTH/Other/Instrumentation

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Senior Project Manager
Bugaev D V

Leading Institute
Design Bureau "Arsenal", Russia, St Petersburg


  • Hitachi Ltd., Japan, Tokyo

Project summary

Arsenal Design Bureau has been offering to ITSC considering scientific and research work on the medical technique. It is proposed carrying out some scientific and design researches on creation of a haloinhaler, effectively forming such an environment which contains such the cure factors, being distinctive for speleohospitals, as saline aerosol of finely dispersed particles, negative aeroiones, the microelements suspended in aerosol, constant temperature and humidity conditions of fluid inhaled, as well as on creation and preliminary clinical tests of experimental pattern of the inhaler.

During scientific and design development works and further experimental designing, modeling the atmosphere of a speliohospital, haloinhalers have been created. These haloinhalers are what may be applied at the stationary of clinical procedure or sanatorium one, as well as at non-stationary process of inhalation therapy of allergic-inflammatory diseases and chronic illnesses of respiratory tract and lungs under inpidual conditions. Creation of the small-sized apparatus allows one to improve essentially the possibility of treatment of allergic-inflammatory diseases and chronic illnesses, including bronchial asthma, outside the districts having any speleohospitals (or stationary haloinhalers). This target could be reached at the expense of application of the haloinhalers while inpidual cure by inhalation therapy. It is very interesting for Northwest, northern, and Far East region of Russian Federation; and also for treatment and rehabilitation of astronauts while breach in regular function of theirs respiratory tracts and lungs. As an addition to the underground curing speleowards and the superficial halowards, therapy effect of those is based on specific properties of potassium salts, the haloinhalers being developed would ensure not only the flow saturated by saline particles containing negative aeroiones, but also pulsing flow which determines by differentiation for condition of inpidual therapy procedure.

The inhaler provides production of polydispersed aerosol. This KCL-comprising compound, suspended in pulsing airflow, is fed to a patient. The dimension of aerosol particles on the output of the inhaler is not more than 10 - 15 mm. There are not less than 10-20% of mass content particles having the dimension of less than 5 mm. There are no any positively charged ions in the aerocompound going from the inhaler to a patient, and there are only negatively charged aeroins and neutral particles there.

These research works could carrying out with a help of ISTC. As the result of these works there is an opportunity of experimental development on creation of standard medical apparatus. This apparatus could be used for aerosol therapy with compound of KCL particles in pulsing flow of the air. This therapy would enhance the efficiency of curing both in-patients and out-ones. It would be useful for treatment of those who have been suffering from such diseases as bronchial asthma of various courses and some asthmogenic diseases, for instance chronic bronchitis and others. It would as well be so for prophylactics, that is for both patients health improvement and acute severe illnesses prevention. The project would provide alternative employment to the scientists and engineers dealing with weapon design and production using their creative potential in peaceful intent.


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