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Ionization Method of Chemicals Monitoring


Investigation of a Nuclear-Ionization Method to Evaluation on Industrial Chemical Pollutants Instrumental Monitoring.

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  • ENV-MIN/Monitoring and Instrumentation/Environment

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Leading Institute
State Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Russia, Moscow

Project summary

The ambient air instrumental monitoring methods of chemical pollutants play a key role for protection of environment and human health. One of them is a nuclear ionization gas analysis method that consists in registration of ionization current on interaction of the pollutant molecules with the ionized air. A special radioactive source is used for the ionization of the analyzed air.

The challenge of this project is investigation of interaction of different chemical substances with ionized air with the aim of environmental instrumental monitoring development. Hence the problem of this project is consistent with the one of the basic aims of ISTC that is supporting of fundamental and applied investigations and technical developments for peaceful uses, in this case in the field of environmental protection.

An expected scientific result of the project execution will be experimental data that describes the degree of interaction of different chemical substances with ionized air so as to investigate various fields for the possible utilization of the nuclear ionization method for chemical pollution monitoring.

The practical significance of the project will be an effective design and reliable monitoring instruments for industry and environmental protection.

The project will be carried out over three years and will include activities such as installation and adjustment of measuring and analytical instruments, development and creation of devices for generation of vapor-air mixtures, preparation of explored substances and chemical reagents, preparation of operational analysis procedures, and exploration of vapor-air mixtures of various chemical substances.

Technical approach at exploration in this project is in making laboratory devices for generation of vapor-air mixtxires of various chemical substances and in studying their capability to form ion-molecular complexes. Operating procedures of analysis based on chemical, spectral, and chormatographic analysis method will be used during the investigation.


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