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Educational Package on Solid State Physics


Tutorial and Methodical Package on Condensed Matter Physics

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  • INF-SOF/Software/Information and Communications
  • PHY-SSP/Solid State Physics/Physics

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Senior Project Manager
Lapidus O V

Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • University of Applied Physics / Department for Information Technology, Germany, Esslingen\nUniversitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain, Barcelona\nUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics/Talbott Lab, USA, IL, Urbana\nLawrence Livermore National Laboratory/A-Division, Computational Physics Group, USA, CA, Livermore\nFachhochschule Bochum University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Bochum\nCalifornia State University Northridge / Department of Physics and Astronomy, USA, CA, Northridge\nTechnical University of Lisbon / Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal, Lisbon\nLos Alamos National Laboratory (M. S. E535, Group CST-6), USA, NM, Los-Alamos\nUniversity of Illinois / Department of Physics, USA, IL, Urbana\nUniversity of Nevada / Department of Mechanical Engineering, USA, NV, Las-Vegas\nUniversity of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign / Department of Physics / Loomis Laboratory of Physics, США, IL, Urbana\nEuropean Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering, Portugal, Lisbon

Project summary

The main aim of the Project Development Grant was preparing and presenting of full-scale project Work Plan after its consideration in partnership with foreign collaborators.

The following tasks were been proposed to decision:

– to find collaborators and partners;

– to open up cooperation with collaborators and partners in order to support technical and commercial aspects of the Project;
– to investigate the market of educational software, to estimate commercial potential of the Project and possibilities of application of project participants skills in educational software developing.

Presentation and demo versions of the package have been created for propagation and wide covering of capabilities of the package proposed to development. These versions were used in reports on the project subject on workshops with collaborators, seminars at the universities and on the international conferences PTEE-2000 (Physics Teaching in Engineering education) and GIREP-2000 (Groupe International de Recherche sur I'Enseignement de ia Physique). Demo and presentation versions are disposed on CD. It is possible to familiarize with them in the ISTC.

Furthermore, Web-site ( devoted to the underway ISTC Project #1478 has been created.

Presentation version has been developed in order to:

– represent basic concepts of the Project;

– describe future capabilities of the tutorial research software package;
– outline great features of the Project;
– describe Project tasks in detail.

Demo version has been created in order to:

– demonstrate modes and forms of future users' work;

– show main functional and service capabilities of the package proposed to development.

The ISTC Project #1478 Web site has been created for:

– interactive familiarization of scientific and pedagogic communities with Project #1478 subject and Project progress;

– possibilities of obtaining of critical remarks and propositions on the Project from wide circle of interested persons during all stages of Project development.

Usage of the package demo at workshops, seminars and conferences helped to:

– attract attention to the Project of possible future users and partners;

– find ways and forms of usage of the package in education;
– plan ways of conceptual revision of the Project;
– formulate concrete proposals on development and elaboration of the package.

Collaborators made significant contribute in decision of PDG tasks and took part in preparing of the present Work Plan.


– proved the usefulness of the package for the universities;
– proved absence on the software market similar products that would combining features of tutorial and research software in the field of continuum medium and condensed matter physics;
– proved presence of a niche for this package on the software market;
– proposed and accorded with project participants concrete forms of collaboration within the framework of the Project;
– helped to formulate concrete additional tasks of the Project in view of academic courses of their universities;
– pointed to particular importance of Internet and Intranet versions development in addition to earlier proposed CD-version of the package.

Marketing research was held as for investigation of capabilities of application of the tutorial-research package in the world (the universities, scientific laboratories and centers, inpidual users), so as for preliminary research of possible demand for commercial version of the package.

Marketing investigation showed:

– there is no similar educational software product on continuum medium physics;

– there is need in scientific consuming educational software product on continuum medium physics combining features of tutorial and independent research tool.

The following new tasks have been added in the Work Plan in order to develop package complete meeting modern tendencies in computer technologies usage in high education, to expand circle of future users, to enlarge user capabilities:

– creation database of Numeric simulation and Integrated system of difference schemes;

– development of Internet and Intranet versions of the package;
– development and support of the package Web-site;
– translation of interface and User’s Guide of the package to Spanish, German and French languages (package internationalization);
– development of Voice support for user interface.


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