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Spilled Oil and Oil Slurry Refining


Research of Technological Modes and Processes of Oil Slurry and Spilled Oil Refining, Depending on Hydrocarbon and Mineralogical Structure of Raw Material

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  • ENV-SPC/Solid Waste Pollution and Control/Environment
  • ENV-WDS/Waste Disposal/Environment

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Leading Institute
Corporation Modular Technology Ltd., Kazakstan, Almaty


  • Northeast Pump Company, Inc., USA, NH, Nashua

Project summary

The aim of the Project is the research of technological modes and processes of oil slurry and spilled oil refining, depending on hydrocarbon and mineralogical structure of raw material.

The straits bringing to oil soiling exist at the development of oil deposits and also at transportation, conversion, storage of oil and oil products.

The ecological situation in oil extracting region of the Republic of Kazakhstan requires acceptance of urgent measure. American Fluids International, Inc. has conducted the extensive researches for the reason estimations of the volumes of oil soiling. On the result of these researches was noted that 30% whole volume produced oil is poured because of damage on the pipeline and enterprises, as well as under the technical reason. In the absence of sufficient funding on working and reconstruction measures continues be inflicted damage to environment. Tenth years events, this pouring oil was gained into reduction of terrain, bring about saturation by oil not protected from this troughs, foundation pits. These enormous concourses of crude oil intoxicate the air, ground and horizons of fresh underground water, sewn on significant damage to health and safety of population of the region and its ecosystem.

The Government of Kazakhstan is recently undertaken measures, including legislative order, stimulating introduction in practice of ecological clean and low waste technologies, but, at present time, there is no technology and specialized equipment for refining oil containing waste.

The analysis of achievements of the science and technology in utilization oil waste area shows, that all methods and measures of disposal harm and liquid oil containing waste could be pided into two basic groups:

– disposal and utilization of oil containing waste, without previous extracting of value hydrocarbons from it;

– refining of oil containing waste, with extracting of hydrocarbon part and returning the ground to innate.

The introduction of new scientific, technological developing proposes close and dense relations between scientific and industrial organization. However, the full-value partnership of scientific-researching and commercial organization is often impossible in the strength of different reasons. The imperfection of legislative base in carrying out of scientific, technical project, the absence of experience at persons of the project in joint management, incomprehension of specify scientific researches by industrial organization, the absence of the necessary financial, material and labor resources at scientific organization for realizing technical part of the project and etc., sometimes, to organize insurmountable obstacles on the way of introduction new developing in production.

Within the scope of the project ISTC K-179, “Modular Technology Corporation” Ltd., “Installation of oil slurry and spilled oil gathering and refining” the pilot installation of oil slurry and spilled oil refining and gathering was developed and produced. The pilot sample of installation of oil slurry refining was assembled on license territory of “Modular Technology Corporation” Ltd., - on “Zhalgiztobe” deposit in Mangystau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The pilot installation disposition on the license territory of head organization “Modular Technology Corporation” Ltd., supplies provision for operative solution, as technical problems at supplying of water and energy resources, and also problems, which combined with concordance of work, by the project at different state controls.

Within the scope of the given project, a number of scientific and engineering problems will be solved, which aimed at solving ecological problem of oil extracting regions.

Caspian region is one of the most important region on extracting oil, which is characterized by wide class of heavy, high-paraffin, high-viscosity oil. The oil containing waste products (spilled oil, oil slurry, petroleum waste) recommend to consider as well as multiple-component of dispersed system. The researching of macrocharacteristic oil containing waste purposefully permits to regulate the terms of conducting the technological processes for advances optimal meaning of output parameters of the refining products.

Modernization of the pilot installation of petroleum waste and oil slurry refining permits to produce a prototype of technological wasteless production complex at utilization of oil containing waste.

A special hydrocyclone installation for the technological process of hydrodynamic petroleum waste refining is planned to develop. The using of hydrocyclones for separating hard and liquid pulp’s phase, which formed at petroleum waste washing, permit to low the expenses on refining and to supply provision at adaptation of technological range, in accordance to material’s characteristic. The hydrocyclones permit to separate from 88% to 90% hard suspended grains from water-ground mixture with coarseness more than 0,08…1,0 mm.

The purified ground supposes to return into the earth, and also to value the possibility of using in the form of bulk material and blocks. The bulk materials can be used as well as components of filled road bed. At production of the blocks original part (oil waste) can play the role of burning addition, contributing to appear pores in bulk of the blocks. Water wastes in the ground can contribute to improve technological material’s feature – molding moisture. In the result of execution the project will develop recommendations at rational using of partly purified ground in road-building materials.

During a process of petroleum waste washing, oil emulsion is formed a separation features, which is fully determined by physical, chemical characteristic of oil, water and water and oil correlation.

The oils at Caspian region are distinguished by high content of asphalted, gummy and paraffin hydrocarbons that considerably make difficult emulsion’s dehydration of that kind. One of the project’s results will be researching and developing the technological receptions of oil emulsion refining, which is formed after the ground purifying into commodity oil.

Experimentally research of technological ranges of the pilot installation, including full complex equipment for oil slurry refining, their systemization and analysis, direction introduction the production of refining oil containing wastes, on oil extracting regions.

The analysis of technical, economical effectiveness of oil slurry and petroleum waste refining, cost price estimation of refining are necessary for extracting technical, economical basis and business-plans, which are based on experimental dates in conditions of oil trade.


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