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Bacteriological Fungicides


Development of Bacteriological Fungicides – Crop Protecting Agents on the Basis of Recombinant Bacterium Strains

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  • AGR-PPR/Plant Protection/Agriculture
  • BIO-MIB/Microbiology/Biotechnology
  • BIO-IND/Industrial Biotechnology/Biotechnology

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Leading Institute
Kyrgyz Agrarian University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Supporting institutes

  • JSC Biochimmash, Russia, Moscow


  • European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization, France, Paris\nUniversity of Turku / Finnish-Russian Joint Biotechnology Laboratory, Finland, Turku

Project summary

Goal of the project.

Development of effective and ecologically safe biological control agent from diseases by creation recombinant bacterium - antagonists strains of phytopathogents, combining various mechanisms of antagonism, high colonizing ability, and also marking attributes for monitoring introduces in the nature.

Plant dieses take away some 12% of the world total crop plant. Microbes used as biological control agents inhibiting environmental are capable to reduce application of chemical pesticides and their harmful pressure on nature and human health. Development and application of the biological control agents from phytopathogents is limited comparing to chemical preparations. The new toxic limits and residuals shell stimulate development of the new biological control methods.

Phytopathogents interact with the plant being among epiphytic and rizospheric microorganisms and on and underground plants surface microecological systems are difficult and not enough studied. Competitive ability in the ecological niche, colonize ability on the plant surface and extracting ability of the different antimicrobial agents are necessary facts for the microorganisms activity as biocontrol agent. Application by microorganisms of the different antagonism mechanisms include: direct parasitism; extract antibiotics and protecting of protection mechanisms in plants. To control for these signs the will have marker fluorescence genes.

As the requirements for the plant protection preparations in our country are increasing every year, the problem of the modern technology for biocontrol is very important and actuality. The project scientist team have a long-term experience in biotechnology:

  • In development of creation and production of biocontrol agents.
  • Test for effectiveness of the different plant protection agents.
  • The genetic engineering of microorganisms.
  • In development of the without virus system in the seed-farming.
  • In development of the laboratory and experimental-industrial technology orders for biocontrol agent production; production of the genetic modification organisms; development of the technical documentation.

Expected Results and Their Application

The production technology of the biocontrol agent which based on the high effective bacteria strains, and modification application technology of the biocontrol agents which based on the effective monitoring system of bacteria-antagonists in environmental will be developed at the end of the project. The experimental-industrial tests of the biopreparations will be made in the greenhouse and field conditions, experimental biopreparation samples will be made, the technical permit documentation which order the sanitary and technology standards for production and application biopreparations will be prepared. The patents on the intellectual property will be designed.

Meeting ISTC Goals and Objectives

This project is completely corresponds to the purposes and tasks ISTC. It will be realized of the Kyrgyz and Russian experts, who worked in the military area and at participation with experts from the other research establishments.

The researches are directed on the decision of economic, medical, agricultural and social tasks (organization of the biocontrol agents production on the advanced technology will allow to lower the cost price of the final product, to reduce cost of crop production with a necessary plant protection agents to use in agriculture and also to keep workplaces in research establishments and at the working industrial enterprises). This work is the base for it commercialization and organization permanent production in Republic and new working places for the people who worked in the military area.

The theoretical, experimental and technological researches will be realized in this project and direct to the decision following problems:

  1. To obtain the bacteria-antagonist trains with the highly tolerance to the negative abiotic factors in the Kyrgyz Republic (high temperature, sun isolation), high colonizing ability and antagonistic properties to the wide spectrum of the phytopathogens.
  2. Develop of the experimental-industry technology for biocontrol agents production for the Kyrgyz Republic.
  3. The experimental-industry field tests of biopreparation.
  4. Develop of the technical documentations for the biocontrol agents according to the low and rules of the Kyrgyz Republic.

All task will be realized by the Kyrgyz Agrarian University and JSC “Biochimmash” it is according to their basic specialization. The experimental results will be presented as reports, statements of test and technical documentations.


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