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Web portal on Natural Disasters in Tajikistan.


Developing of the research-educational Web portal: “Risk reduction of the Natural Disasters impact in Tajikistan”.

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  • ENV-EHS/Environmental Health and Safety/Environment
  • ENV-MRA/Modelling and Risk Assessment/Environment
  • ENV-SEM/Seismic Monitoring/Environment

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Leading Institute
Tajik academician recearch and educational network association TARENA, Tajikistan, Dushanbe

Supporting institutes

  • Geophysical Survey of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, Tajikistan, Dushanbe


  • University of Groningen, The Netherlands, Groningen

Project summary

Risk reduction of natural disasters is a world-wide challenge. And a seismic hazard assessment is noticed as one of the target initiatives of the ISTC. Concerning about natural disasters impact risk reduction was confirmed once more during the ISTC Secretariat staff members meeting with the representatives of the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) and the Center for Emergency Situations and Disaster Risk Reduction (CESDRR), which took place on February, 08, 2018. Tajikistan consists of 93% of mountains and is prone to frequent natural disasters. Main natural disasters are earthquakes and their effects: landslides, landslips, avalanches and mudflows, which lead to death of population, destruction of economic and social objects. The project goal is to develop and run in the research-educational web-portal containing information pertaining to natural disasters occurring on the territory of Tajikistan. The information will be consisting ofnumber of regularly updated pages devoted todifferent natural disasters: 1) earthquakes; 2) landslides, landslips and avalanches; 3) mudflows, floods and shove of glaciers; 4) technogenic catastrophes. This portal will provide open access to data that will reflect the current situation on natural disasters in Tajikistan. It also will include archive data, available for all interested inpiduals and organizations.
Monitoring the situation of natural disasters happen in Tajikistan is a duty of relevant government departments and agencies: Committee on Emergency situations, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Energy and Industrial, Tajik Academy of Sciences, etc. These Institutions are notably supported by international organizations (UNDP and OSCE) in this field. For example, the web portal UNTJ ( has a page “Disaster Management”, where monthly reports on Monitoring & Early warning in Tajikistan and other materials on this topic are available. In the meantime as an impact of civil war there is a situation when many experts in Natural Disasters research leaved the country and there is a lack of young specialists in this field.
The result of the project will be the developedonline research-educational web portal that will help to improve the heavy situation with scientific personnel. At present Geophysical Survey has got a vast data on the subject that through the project implementation will be publicly available. Obviously in case of success the web portal would grow into a regional one and would reflect the situation in the region of Central Asia. Existing of such portal will allow to coordinate the international efforts on assess and risk reduction from natural disasters. Also because ofthe shared problems and challenges the mutual understanding and trust between peoples living in this regionwill beessentially improved.
Personnel of the Tajik academician research and educational network association (TARENA) have a rich experience in development of scientific and educational projects in collaboration with European Union ( Geophysical Survey of TAS has a positive experience of interaction with TARENA, which telecommunication facilities used to transmit seismic real-time data of Geophysical Survey to the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS), ( Personnel of the Geophysical Survey have a good experience in implementation of international projects with Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan (Rehabilitation of the seismic monitoring network in Tajikistan), ECHO (DEPECHO-2), and with ISTC (CSP-53, Development of Communication System for seismic hazard situations in the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia).
It is expected that this portal will be providing major help to young scientists in implementation of their dissertations and diploma thesis devoted to the subject. Portal users will also be all interested agencies as follow: Committee on Emergency situations, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Energy and Industrial, etc. In case of success, the web portalcan be transformed into regional one. This may become a goal of the next regional ISTC project, involving participants from the neighboring countries of the Central Asia.
There are seven specialist intended to participate in the project who has knowledge in the field of weapons of mass destruction. Goals and objectives of the project bear solely peaceful direction, which conforms to the goals of ISTC. Availability of the open access web portal will allow coordinating international efforts in the Central Asia region on assessment and risk reduction of Natural Disasters consequences that also conforms to the goals of ISTC.


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