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The Spray Drying Installation


Developing the Spray Drying Installation for Drying of Liquid Bioproducts under Reduced Temperatures of the Heat-Carrier by Productivity up to 10 kg/h

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  • BIO-IND/Industrial Biotechnology/Biotechnology
  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine
  • MAN-MCH/Machinery and Tools/Manufacturing Technology

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Leading Institute
JSC Biochimmash, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Joint Stock Company "OKB Pharmbiomash", Russia, Ioshkar-Ola, Mari-El Republic


  • University of Thessaloniki / School of Engineering, Greece, Thessaloniki\nFermPro Manufacturing LLP, USA, SC, Kingstree

Project summary

This project is hardware realization of technologies developed in framework of the ISTC project # 802-98.

At the present time all over the world one can see the growing interest to medicinal preparations and biologically active substances based on live lactic-acid bacteria. It is caused by their efficient treatment-and-prophylactic operation on human organism and absence of any side effects. The special place in a row of lactic-acid bacteria is occupied by acidophilic lactic bacteria. On receiving inside the organism they actively suppress rot microflora in an intestine, kill agents of a dysentery and other enteric infections, eliminate signs of a diarrhea, improve digestion of nutrition, and also prevent from some kinds of cancer. Most favorably lactic bacteria influence on children. It is necessary to mark that one can see their expressed therapeutic operation only in case of receipt of great many of living cells about several billions per dose. For this reason usual acid milk does not operate efficiently since it contents about several millions lactic bacteria per dose only. It means that for the treatment-and-prophylactic purposes a drug with a high content of lactic bacteria is needed. For long-term storage this drug should contain the dried up culture of live lactic bacteria.

The needs of public health services for bacterial drugs for purposes of restoring a microbiocenosis of an intestine permanently increase. At today’s situation of increasing frequency and intensity of the unfavorable factors of the external environment influence, deterioration of ecological conditions, it is connected with essential ecological risk, and thus the number of dysbacteriosis diseases permanently increases.

One of perspective ways of solution of the given problem is utilizing technology of producing dry lactic acid preparations freeze drying method by spray method of drying. The usual method for bacterial preparations producing is freeze-drying. This method allows to reach the high quality of preparation, but the cost of machinery and drying is much higher than in case of spray drying. Besides, it requires to use expensive protectors in order to prevent loss of microorganisms at freezing. All these factors considerably enlarge the costs per unit of production.

The spray drying method is used very often in a food-processing industry, for example for dry milk producing. However, its usage for bacterial drugs drying is not spread widely because of considerable lowering of bacteria viability under drying. At the same time, using under temperature modes of drying, preliminary drying of air, correct selection of nutrition mediums and introducing the conditioning adds allow to achieve obtaining the high quality dry lactic bacterial preparations by means of spray drying method.

The researches on spray drying of Lactobacillus acidophilus culture, carried out at JSC “Biochimmach” within the framework of the ISTC project #802-98, have allowed to obtain a dry preparation with humidity of 8% and contents of alive cells of 10ґ109 per gramme.

Temperature of air made 60 °C at inlet of the drying camera and 40 °C at outlet. The survival rate of microorganisms made 70%.

However, usual spray drying installations do not support effective drying at temperatures of 25-40 °C at the camera outlet because of rather high moisture content in air which enters drying installation.

To reach the necessary effect the preliminary drying of air before feeding it into drying installation is needed. Usage of air dehumidifier together with spray drying installation allows to carry out a closed circuit of air driving and to eliminate completely ejection into environment.

At the present time spray dryers of 5-25 kgs per hour productivity are not produced in lots in Russian Federation. Sample installations designed by several organizations (NIIChimmash, JSC “Biochimmash”, ITMO, etc.) do not support obtaining dry preparations of high quality while ejections into an environment exceed extreme allowable norms.

Spray dryers produced by firms Niro Atomizer, Ungidro (Denmark) and Buhi (Switzerland) are of block design. The firms produce in lots a set of installations with productivity of 0.2 up to 10 000 kgs per hour. Dryers of 10 up to 100 kgs per hour productivity are of the most wide spread. The price of dryer of 10 kgs per hour productivity makes about $130,000.

For the last few years many spray dryers of up to 100 kgs per hour productivity were purchased abroad. The analysis of results of used for medical and biological preparations production dryers operation shows that these dryers surpass dryers produced in Russia in some parameters. However, in some cases the specific features of productions (executing the drying process in aseptic conditions, drying at lowered temperature, etc.).

Owing to priority development of biotechnology, the necessity in the similar equipment on a home market can make more than 100 installations annually.

JSC “Biochimmash” (late NPO "Biomash") works on creation of the equipment for spray drying since 1980. For this period of time the spray drying installations Laura-0.5, URS-1, URS-10/50, intended for liquid products drying were developed. Works at drying installation of 10 kgs per hour productivity are started.

Till 1994 OKBA (now JSC "OCB Pharmbiomash") was a member of NPO "Biomash". OKBA had a pilot factory and was engage in development of the working designer documentation and manufacturing of experimental and small-scale exemplars of various process equipment (fermentors, auto-claves, mills, dryers, lines of filling and packing) by the orders of institutes and enterprises which are included in concern "Biopreparat".

The hardware for drying process practically completely prevents of dust state product into an environment. It is possible to dry a product in inert gas flow. JSC “Biochimmash” together with JSC “OCB Pharmbiomach” (Ioshkar-Ola city) can develop engineering documentation, produce an experimental installation, and also to run in batch production of installations up to 100 pieces per year.

The main purpose of the project is developing the spray drying installation with productivity of up to 10 kgs vaporized water per hour, which distinguishes by aseptic construction and possibility of executing the drying process under lowered temperature of the heat-carrier.

For works of such character the estimate of cost of the given project is extreme low, and the price of drying installation for serial manufacturing should not exceed $40,000.

As a result of work on the given project the design documentation for drying installation will be developed and the experimental installation will be produced. Creation of versatile drying installation will allow, in the long term, to run batch production of the given equipment.

The team of authors of the offered project has special knowledge and considerable experience of work both in the field of development of the process equipment, and in the field of biomaterials drying technology.

The given research promotes development of technology, provides protection of man against unfavourable influence by an environment, since it is directed on reducing the ecological hazard.

During fulfilment of the project the following kinds of cooperation with foreign collaborators are planed: current interchange of information about a course of execution of the project; submission by foreign collaborators of the comments to annual and final report on the project; joint use of text materials and samples. The estimation of the technologies designed during execution of the given project will be carried out periodically at foreign collaborator’s laboratories. During fulfilment of the project it is stipulated to carry out scientific seminars and working meetings on subjects of the given project.

Within the framework of the offered project it is planned:

– to develop norms (Technical request) for spray drying installation for bioproducts drying at lowered temperatures of the heat-carrier;

– to develop the Technical project for drying installation;
– to develop the working design documentation on spray drying installation;
– to develop the normative documentation (Technical requirement, Registration certificate) on spray drying installation;
– to produce an experimental drying installation;
– to carry out tests of the experimental drying installation.

For solving problems delivered in the project, tested technical solutions and techniques of research will be used.

The gas distributor of a centrifugal-sectional type will allow to ensure uniform distribution of a dried up product inside the drying camera.

The construction of installation will allow its accommodation in standard rooms with height of a ceiling from 3.5 m.

The air drying device will be based on the method of a moisture condensation in cooler-condenser installation.

The hole installation will be easily processed with the purpose of support the aseptic drying. Utilizing of filters for micro-clearing of air and special construction of the unload device will allow to obtain a dry product in accordance with GMP demands.


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