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Processing of Gold Containing Antimony Ores


Physical Chemistry and Development of Complex, Environmentally Safe Technology Processing of Gold containing Antimony Ores of Georgia

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  • CHE-IND/Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering/Chemistry
  • MAN-MCH/Machinery and Tools/Manufacturing Technology

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Institute of Metallurgy, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Xavier University of Louisiana, USA, LA, New Orleans\nTokohu University, Japan, Sendai

Project summary

Economy of Georgia is to a great extent provided by the efficiency of using mineral raw materials. In this view, using of stibium arsenopyrite ore of Zopchito deposit complex may be of a great interest.

Stibium alloys and compounds are widely spread in technics and other branches of industry. They are applied in manufacturing of battery plates, cable jackets, sheets and pipes, chemical equipment, babbits (bearing alloys), printing materials and semiconductors, etc.

In this connection, it is very important to solve a complex of problems connected with the efficiency of using stibium ores as sources for the extraction of stibium sulphide and metallic stibium with the necessary guarantees of economical and environmental requirements.

One of the prospective methods for the preparation of stibium sulphide is a processing of stibium sulphide ores and their concentrates as well as a two-staged process of iron (or some other metal) reduction of metallic stibium from its sulphides.

Information on the realisation of these processes is very limited. There is no any literature on the data based on physical or chemical investigation of these processes.

Objective of the proposed project is an investigation of some physical-chemical foundations of high-temperature processes for the manufacturing of stibium sulphide and metallic Sb.

The project will be realized at F.N. Tavadze Institute of Metallurgy, Georgian Academy of Sciences, were the research works in the area of above mentioned processes have been carried out since 1997. Results of the research studies have been generalized in scientific reports.

Technical approach and methodology involves the following:

1. Production of concentrates of stibium ores, chemical, spectral and X-ray phase analysis of the samples.

2. Construction of high-temperature device with automatic registration of the process.

3. Estimation by new methods of some unknown values of thermodynamic functions of the compounds necessary for thermodynamic analysis (thermodynamic modeling) of the studied processes. Estimation have been developed in the Laboratory of physical chemistry of metallurgical processes; pirometallurgical processes were tested by means of complete thermodynamic analysis.

4. Complete thermodynamic analysis of the Sb-S-Fe system by using multitargeted program complexes (ASTRA-3) (using computer) intended for the prognosis of composition and properties of heterogeneous multicomponent multiphase systems at high temperatures, used with account of chemical and phase transformations based on a principle of maximum entropy (these calculations permit to reduce experimental work to minimum).

5. Investigation of the kynetics of extraction of stibium sulphide and metallic Sb from the concentrates in a high-temperature device and elaboration of thecnological parameters of the process.

6. Chemical, spectral, X-ray phase and other necessary analysis of the obtained products.

7. Elaboration of technological scheme and delivery of initial data for testing of the technology of complex treatment of the Zopchito (Georgia) – born ores on intermediate production stage.

Taking into account ISTC goals and objectives, in the realisation of the project will be involved 60% of “weapon” scientists and specialists.

The methodics for the investigation of thermodynamic and kynetics used in the project, may as well be used for the investigation of similar processes in various areas of industry.

The main technical solution of the research studies on the project is a development of environmentally safe technology of complex processing of the stibium ore in order to extract from there a commercially valuable product.

Support of the project will be for Georgia of a great social-economic significance since, on the one hand, science potential of the team of leading scientists who were involved in military defence activities, will be directed to the development of peaceful production at lowest financial expenses if compared to analogous conventional projects of the same kind; on the other hand, it will be promotive for the development of a new progressive scientific-industrial branch, producing a world market competitive materials.


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