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Psychometric Parameters of Refugees


Development of the Methods Measuring Psychometric Parameters in the Refugee Population

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Tbilisi State Medical University / Department of Internal Medicine, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Dr.G.Schuhfried GesmbH, Austria, Moedling

Project summary

The project's objective is to develop the methods measuring psychometric parameters in the refugee population from the perspective of monitoring and rehabilitation.

Social-psychological adjustment of refugees and IDPs is a topical scientific and social problem. Refugee related problems arise in the countries with exhausted economic and political resources. Therefore, the people, who have abandoned their home places, and have been influenced by the traumatic factors of war atmosphere, are faced with social and economic difficulties limiting their choice. In the situation like this, personal psychological characteristics of refugees and IDPs acquire a critical importance, since they determine their purposeful social and psychological adjustment. The available material on the psychological research of refugees and the people participating in military actions (Afghanistan, Vietnam) underscores the importance of inpidual psychological characteristics. However, the measurement of psychometric parameters or the methods ensuring such measurement have not yet received enough consideration. The identification of a group of personal psychological characteristics and the development of the methodology for the measurement of psychological parameters enables us to single out specific rehabilitation strategies, where each phase has to correspond to the solution of definite adjustment problems; define professional fitness in certain spheres linked with the responsibility for life and the security of other people (public transport, consumer services, etc); conduct psychological correction through biofeedback regulating certain physiological parameters (pulse, arterial blood pressure, respiration) and, therefore, decrease the intensity of neurotic symptoms to improve social adjustment of the given patients.

The programme is to be implemented by the laboratory of clinical psychology of Tbilisi Medical University, which has been operating for more than 20 years now. Project participants - highly qualified specialists, with a vast experience in the study of the psychosomatic and somatic disorders of refugees from Abkhazia, are competent enough to cope with the problems formulated within the framework of the project. The achievement of the project's objectives, contributing to a good adaptation and the psychological and somatic rehabilitation of refugees within a short period, will be financially beneficial for the country facing refugee related problems and will also facilitate the solution of a number of practical issues facing the international community given political instability in the world. To reach the set objectives, the research will cover the refugees and IDPs from Abkhazia densely populating different towns (Tbilisi, Kutaisi) of Georgia. Foreign collaborators (Dr. Schuhfried and his colleagues) involved in the theoretical and practical scientific activity related to important issues are interested in scientific and technical cooperation in the course of project implementation. Such cooperation implies support in the purchase of special material and equipment, critical for project implementation, information exchange in course of the project, as well as the delivery of joint seminars, symposiums and consultations.


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