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Examination of Functional Capabilities of Electronic Seals at the RFNC VNIITF, Enterprises of the Ural Region, and NNC of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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  • INS-DET/Detection Devices/Instrumentation

3 Approved without Funding

Registration date

Leading Institute
VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

Supporting institutes

  • National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakstan / Institute of Atomic Energy (2), Kazakstan, Kurchatov


  • Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA, CA, Monterey\nCrown Agents, UK, Sutton

Project summary

Operation of modern sealing systems, being steadily improved, requires appropriate equipment and qualified personnel. The stage of operation of one or another type of seals at the enterprise should be preceded by the stage of examination of their functional capabilities (approbation) with reference to the activity of the enterprise. One such sealing system was developed by the Crown Agents Company (Great Britain). It is designed not only to provide safety of railway and aircraft containers, railway vehicles, and cargo vehicles; to ensure control of transit cargos, prevention smuggling and protection in the anti-terrorism struggle. It can also be used in sealing compartments (buildings).

The basic objective of the project is to develop and propagate the modern methods of sealing and access control in the CIS countries (in Russia and Kazakhstan). For this purpose it is planed to examine the functional capabilities of infrared electronic seals, “I-Seal”, at a number of enterprises significantly differing from each other in kind of their activities, namely:

  • Russian Federal Nuclear Center (Snezhinsk) at facilities of the Training Methodological Center “UrSib” (TMC UrSib);
  • National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kurchatov) where nuclear and radioactive materials are involved in the processes of storage, shipment, accounting, control, and putting into operation;
  • Region State Enterprise RSE “UralMonazite”, which storage facilities in Krasnoufimsk (Sverdlovsk Region) store large quantities of radioactive materials (monazite); safe keeping of these materials attracts the attention of population and mass media;
  • educational institution (Snezhinsk State Physical-Technical Academy (SSPTA), Snezhinsk), for sealing and putting under the guard computer class-rooms. However the main objective of the approbation at the educational institutions is to acquaint students with one of up-to-date methods of sealing and access control.

The basic volume of examinations will be conducted at enterprises involved in works with nuclear and radioactive materials (RFNC VNIITF, RSU “UralMoazite”, and IAE NNC RK). It is at these enterprises that the working capacity of the sealing system should be examined. To gain representative statistics of the results, duration of examinations at these enterprises will be extended to the maximum possible.

As a result of project fulfillment, several RF and Kazakhstan enterprises will be acquainted in practice with advanced methods of access control by the example of Crown Agents production.

It may be predicted that the enterprises that have conducted the approbation will promote the spread of information on these systems among their related enterprises.

With the use of the remote inquiry program the area of application of the infrared electronic seals manufactured by Crown Agents can be extended, and the corresponding possibilities of the remote inquiry of the seal state, reading-writing of information and determination of coordinates can be added to the promotional material.

Several hundred students of Snezhinsk, Yekaterinburg, Tomsk and Semipalatinsk will be acquainted with the advanced methods of access control sealing.

A training course will be developed to demonstrate and train specialists at enterprises of Rosatom, Rostekhnadzor and other departments on handling of one of modern sealing systems


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