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Electrical Phenomena in Shock Waves


A Monograph "Electrical Phenomena in Shock Waves"

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  • PHY-SSP/Solid State Physics/Physics
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Senior Project Manager
Horowicz L

Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, Tokyo\nAWE / Shock Physics Section, UK, Berkshire\nSandia National Laboratories, USA, NM, Albuquerque

Project summary

The monograph is devoted to the experimental and theoretical investigations of the electric effects in condensed media induced by shock waves and high-speed dynamic shock. Studies of this kind in Russia were carried out mainly in VNIIEF since 50s. By now, a bulk of theoretical, experimental and methodical results have been accumulated, the perspectives of its practical application have been substantiated. All this leads to the necessity of writing and publishing the monograph. The aim of this book is to accumulate in one and the same book, systematize and generalize from the investigation results that were started almost 40 years ago. There is no similar book in the world literature.

The problems of diagnostics of the liquid and solid substances under shock loading will be discussed including methods and the results of measurements of the electric conductivity, dielectric and dynamic characteristics. Experimental data for the wide range of substances such as dielectrics (liquid, crystalline, polymers), semiconductors, metals and alloys, electrolytes, explosives, that were obtained by the authors, are given and analyzed. Special attention is supposed to be paid to the specific unbalance phenomena that go together with the shock compression (phase transition, electric polarization, piezoeffect, shock depolarization, etc.). Different dynamic sensors, commutators, pulse electric power supplies based on these phenomena will be considered. Analysis of the perspective application of these devices and systems is given.

The monograph will be written by the highly-qualified specialists in this field of science who contributed greatly to its organization and development and who are now involved in the weapon programs. It is expected that it will contain 7 main chapters under general editorship of Professor E.Z. Novitskii and Professor V.V. Yakushev:

I. Properties of condensed substances at high dynamic pressures.
II. Techniques and the results of electric conductivity measurements in shock-compressed condensed media.
III. Techniques and the results of the dielectric characteristic measurements in shock wave experiments.
IV. Electric polarization of condensed media induced by the shock wave.
V. Electric effects in polarized polymers.
VI. The electric response of the ferroelectric crystals and piezoceramics to the shock-wave influence.
VII. Prospective use of the investigation results in explosive technologies.

The monograph must be of interest for many research workers and engineers, postgraduates and students whose specialization is solid-state physics, shock wave physics, chemistry of high-speed processes, electro dynamic of pulse influences, explosive technologies.

Collaborators on this project are:

1. Dr. James A.Asay, Manager, Shock Physics Applications Department, Sandia National Laboratory, USA.

Role: reviewing project documents and reports.

2. Dr. W.J.Nellis, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA.

Role: reviewing project documents and reports, providing recommendation and technical assistance as required.

3. Prof. Ken'ichi Kondo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

Role: providing recommendation.


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