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Deactivating Polymeric Compositions


Elaboration of New Highly Effective Polymeric Compositions on Water Basis of Multifunctional Significance, Providing Reliable Protection, Localization and Isolation of Different Surfaces from Radioactive Pollutions

Tech Area / Field

  • ENV-RED/Remediation and Decontamination/Environment
  • CHE-POL/Polymer Chemistry/Chemistry

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Senior Project Manager
Genisaretskaya S V

Leading Institute
Yerevan Institute "Plastpolymer", Armenia, Yerevan

Supporting institutes

  • Center of Traumatology, Orthopedics, Burns and Radiology, Armenia, Yerevan


  • Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada, QC, Montreal

Project summary

Atomic energy, having a great number of positive features, is a complicated and very dangerous branch for a human being. Expansion of the number of the countries, possessing nuclear technologies, as well as the real threat of international terrorism in all its ways, make us constantly improve the methods of protection and security of people and environment from radio-active pollution. This problem is also very topical for Armenia, on the territory of which near densely populated agglomeration is located Armenian NPS. Significant role in solution of the given problem belongs to disactivation.

Analysis of literature data revealed that the most efficient and universal method among the great variety of existing methods of disactivation of different radioactively polluted surfaces is application of polymeric compositions as disactivators. At present for getting easily removable coverings (deactivating, isolating and localizing) are used compositions received on the basis of polymeric materials dissolved in organic solvents or compositions on water basis. Along with indisputable positive features all they have shortages as well. Among them can be stated: duration of filming, short viability of the composition, low level of disactivation during one cycle, the difficulty of complete remove of the layer, as well as the danger of the fire and toxicity of organic solvents, high adhesion of layers to the material of the surface, etc. As a result of this their industrious usage is limited to a great extent.

This project aims at synthesis and investigation of new polymeric compositions on water and water-dispersion basis of multi-functional usage, having a complex of features, which improve the existing compositions to a great extent (not less than a year) according to their viability, resistance to the climate conditions (- 40°C ё +40°C), the duration of protecting cover service (not less than a year), as well as to efficiency of disactivation of the surface to the background during a cycle.

For meeting the given goal it is expected to carry out the synthesis of the main polymeric system (matrix) as well as the double polymeric system. It is also expected to use modifying agents, which will allow to form compositions of complex-forming ability of anion-active dispersion with regulated time of formation of removable covering with the given features. Initial materials, the products of intermediate stages and the ready composition will be tested through chemical, physical-chemical and physical-mechanical methods of analysis. Disactivation efficiency of films, received on the basis worked out compositions will be determined through radiometry and dosimetry methods. It is expected to carry out citogenetic researches of polymeric coverings polluted with radionuclides.

The project aims at supporting fundamental and applied investigations, as well as elaboration of technologies with piece purpose, especially in the field of environment protection, energy production and nuclear security. Cooperation with foreign collaborators foresees exchange of information on new achievements in the field we are interested in during project implementation; joint consideration of technical reports, seminars, symposiums, conferences and consultations. New highly effective compositions of multifunctional significance, deactivating, localizing and isolating different surfaces from radioactive pollutions, are necessary for nuclear engineering and energetic entities. Application of efficient deactivating covers will enable to return part of equipment and metallic constructions for their re-usage. Safe protection from radioactive pollutions will provide the security of people and protection of their health. It is expected to introduce in industry and apply for invention.

Qualification of the specialists, skilled with analytical methods, their rich professional experience [24-47] in the sphere of working out polymeric compositions and the products of their processing and introduction of worked out technologies, as well as their experience of application of worked out technologies at Chernobyl NPS (ChNPS) after the accident, solution of the problem of Khmelnitsk, Kolsk, Armenian NPS, as well as nuclear submarine will enable to carry out the synthesis of polymeric compositions, which have the complex of the features meeting the set goal. Here should also be mentioned the experience of the specialists in the field of radio-chemistry as well as with a great number of irradiated people (accident liquidators at ChNPS, Factory “Mayak” more than 4000 people), which will promote solution of the set objectives. Received results will allow to solve some problems of nuclear stations, submarines and other objects, connected with radioactive pollution of the territory, different places, equipment and surfaces, as well as it will safely protect organism from possible harmful effects.


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