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Mo- and W- Anodes for X-ray Tubes


The Anodes of Power X-ray Tubes on Base of Molybdenum and Tungsten/Molybdenum Single Crystals

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  • MAT-ALL/High Performance Metals and Alloys/Materials

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Senior Project Manager
Kondratenkov Yu B

Leading Institute
NPO Lutch, Russia, Moscow reg., Podolsk

Supporting institutes

  • NPO MION, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • General Electric Company / General Electric Medical Systems, USA, WI, Milwaukee

Project summary

Expansion of functional possibilities and prolongation of lifetime of power x-ray instruments, as well as improvement of medical diagnostics quality, have determined a necessity to heighten power and lengthen technical lifetime of tubes, applied to these instruments. One of the key elements of the x-ray tube, which determines power and lifetime of the latter, is the anode. Operation conditions of the power x-ray tubes restrict the range of materials used for their fabrication. At present, tungsten and bimetallic anodes, fabricated from single crystal tungsten and molybdenum, are utilized most often. To increase their plasticity, the tungsten layer of the bimetallic anode is alloyed with rhenium.

The RI SIA "Lutch" have developed a fabrication process for large-sized single crystal molybdenum and tungsten and also, for based on them elements of vacuum valves. A unity of properties of the single crystals in a wide temperature range under effect of mechanical load has been investigated. It was shown, the molybdenum and tungsten single crystals have a number of merits in comparison to polycrystals from the viewpoint of their application, as the anode materials, to power x-ray tubes.

The single crystal tungsten properties unity allows employing it as the coating material instead of (W+Re) alloy, on the molybdenum single crystal substrate of the bimetallic anode.

A forecast assessment of operation parameters of the bimetallic anodes, performed on base of the single crystals' properties, has shown that, the main parameters (operation temperature, structural and dimensional stabilities, technical lifetime) of the anodes based on single crystal molybdenum and tungsten, are substantially better than of those made from molybdenum polycrystals and tungsten-rhenium alloy.

The project objective is to develop the bimetallic anodes based on single crystal molybdenum and tungsten for high power x-ray tubes with prolonged lifetime.

Creation of the single crystal bimetallic anodes of the power x-ray tubes with a long lifetime comprises:

- study of properties of single crystal molybdenum, tungsten and based on them bimetallic compositions;
- updating of equipment for fabrication and investigation of properties of the bimetallic compositions based on the single crystal molybdenum and tungsten;
- fabrication and tests of the bimetallic anodes assembled with the power x-ray tubes.

In the ussue of this project execution, there will be built a bimetallic anode based on molybdenum and tungsten for the x-ray tubes with heightened power and prolonged technical lifetime.

Application of the single crystal anodes will allow heightening power and lengthening technical lifetime 1.5-2.0 times.

Potential Role of Foreign Participants

A number of foreign firms express their interest in the questions concerning creation and use of the bimetallic anodes, based on the single crystal molybdenum and tungsten, in x-ray tubes. Specifically, the French branch GEMS of General Electric, Varian (USA); Hitachi (Japan).

Currently there are being carried on negotiations with these firms about their support of the efforts on creation of the bimetallic anodes of the power x-ray tubes, based on the single crystal molybdenum and tungsten.


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