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Oxygen-Hydrogen Explosives for Mining


Technology and Devices for Hardrock Destruction by Continuos Blasting with Oxygen and Hydrogen Charges

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Senior Project Manager
Komashko B A

Leading Institute
Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University / Center of Applied Research, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Project summary

The object of the project is to develop a technology and device for unmanned rock destrruction by contionuous blasts of oxygen and hydrogen charges.

The world wide common technology of open pit mining includes: separation of overburden by benches; crushing of rocks (minerals) by mass charge blasts of ammonia-nitrate explosives in large diameter bore holes; loading rocks by shovels; transportation by haulage trucks; additional crushing of oversize rocks.

The overall estimate of such technology is known: high costs of labour and means for buying and operating heavy drill rigs, charging machines, shovels; heavy dump-body haulage trucks; low labour productivity; negative seismicity impact of powerful blasts on stability of benches, pit slopes, building and constructions; unfavourable influence on environment – exhaust of blast products into air and exhaust of haulage trucks gasses.

The mining in rocks by proposed technology is performed in inclined plane of high benches (working slopes of pit) by fast alternating without cap charge blasts of a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen in bore-holes and its driving is performed continuously in the plane which is parallel to bench slope, movement of blasted material by gravity to base of slope and loading by feeders onto belt conveyor or other transportation means. Thus, a traditional, cyclic technology of mining in new-line technology is changed in the new continuous technology.

The peculiarity of the device for crushing rocks by continuous blasts is in combination of bore hole drill rigs functions, charging machines, shovels; in lack of generally used explosive means – live-cartridges, blasting circuits, detonating caps; in creation of shear tensions in rock surface. The crushing device can be attributed to a blasting grader taking into account its purpose and constructive peculiarity.

Oxygen and hydrogen are being generated at the mining place, for example by electrolyses of water.

The basis for considerable economy of means and labour is in positive mutual influence of worked out pit space development system without benches (or high benches), in continuous shear of rocks and movement of blasted rock stream by gravity to lower working level, line transportation of rocks and minerals.

It is supposed to work out the following principal problems for achievement of raising (putting) object:

- to elaborate technological model of pit equipped by the devices for crushing rocks by continuous fast alternating blasts of oxygen and hydrogen charges and conveyor for rocks transportation to the foundation pit;

- to investigate parameters of explosive which consists from mixture of pouring oxygen and hydrogen in bore-holes during the charge’s life;

- to create (to finish off real equipment complexes) equipment complexes in order to receive oxygen and hydrogen by electrolyses of water, for liquiding and transportation of components, for refueling of capacity in destructive devices;

- to elaborate capacities for oxidizer and fuel, measuring out in doses reverse valves, mains, thermal insulation of knots and details of cryogen system for equipping of destructive device;

- to create and investigate device working model in real face conditions for continuous strong rock destruction by charge blasts from mixture of oxygen and hydrogen in inclined plane of bench slopes;

- to elaborate TD for creation experimental model of basic and auxiliary complex of machines and equipment for continuous rock destruction by fast alternating blasts from pouring oxygen and hydrogen.

Expected results

Project realization will allow to reduce consumption of energy for deposit elaboration, to decrease equipment weight and cost, to refuse high-voltage lines in the pit borders. The peculiarity of the technology is also in exception of mass explosions, shoveling and loading rocks, based on overcoming of gravity, repeated explosive and mechanical destruction of oversize rocks. Therefore, there is no necessity to buy heavy and expensive equipment – revolving borring machine tools, charging machine, crushing-sorting complexes, shovels, to build storehouse for explosives and explosive means keeping.

Advantage of offering technology and device is ecologically clear charge blasts of stechiometric mixture of oxygen and hydrogen, exception of exhausts of ammonia-nitrate explosives mass blasts products and exhaust gasses haulage truck’s products (haulage trucks can be changed by belt conveyor) into air which are dengerous for people health.

Discussing technology and device will allow to make open pit mining by automatic machine and mechanism complexes and it will greatly widen borders of mineral paying mining especially in the conditions which are unfavourable for people – in deep pits, in areas of permafrost, hot climate, in regions with high mountains, at the radioactive ore elaboration.


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