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Gallium Arsenide Single Crystals


Growing and Investigation of Gallium Arsenide Single Crystals and Producing Semiconductor Devices on the Base of them

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  • MAT-ELE/Organic and Electronics Materials/Materials
  • PHY-SSP/Solid State Physics/Physics

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Leading Institute
Institute of Metallurgy, Georgia, Tbilisi

Supporting institutes

  • Tbilisi State University / Republican Center of Investigations of Photostimulated Processes, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • 3M Company, USA, MN, St Paul\nImplant Sciences Corporation, USA, MA, Wakefield\nInstitut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona, Spain, Bellaterra

Project summary

The goal of the project is to design technology of growing GaAs single crystals and investigate the grown crystals for making high efficient micro – and optoelectronic devices. The project provides growing of semi-insulating and semi-conducting GaAs single crystals with diameter 20-40mm, n- and p- type conductivity, carrier concentration in the range of 5 1015 - 3 1018 cm –3 by the Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski process.
The project provides to investigate electrophysical properties, microstructure, microhardness, temperature dependence of thermal expansion coefficient, internal friction, mechanical shear and elasticity modulus dependence on the dopants concentration in the grown crystals. The project provides analysis of semi-insulating and semi-conducting GaAs single crystals structural defects effect mechanisms on the structure – sensitivity physicomechanical and electrophysical properties.
There will be established relation between the properties and conditions of growing and crystallization and will be determined optimal technology parameters of growing semi-insulating and semi-conducting GaAs single crystals doped by Te and Zn .
The project provides: making of epitaxial structures on the semi-insulating and semi-conducting n- and p- type substrates of CaAs; investigation of electrophysical properties,the grown layers structure perfection and density of defects; fabrication of field transistors and solar cells on the base of obtaining structures.
Recent great achievements made in the field of technology and investigation of semiconductor materials make possible produce great, super great and high-speed integral schemes and manufacture basically new devices in optoelectronics.
Usage of GaAs single crystals promotes to solve new problems, and the opportunity of the crystals application in the electronic technique devices are not yet exhausted. The quality requirements have become more stringent: there is a necessary condition to grow single crystals with great diameters without dislocation and with uniformly distributed dopants and point defects in the bulk of single crystal.
The project provides carrying out works on improving the quality of GaAs single crystals for producing modern high efficient devices.
The quality of grown single crystals will be determined by the modern diagnostic methods: X-ray, electrodiffraction analysis, optical microscopy, microhardness, internal friction and etc.
The project provides to grow semi-insulating and semi-conducting GaAs single crystals doped by Te and Zn and investigate electrophysical, structure sensitivity physicomechanical properties.
Within the scope of this project there will be obtained epitaxial structures on the single crystals and investigated the epitaxial structures parameters such as carrier concentration and carrier mobility, layer thickness and structure perfection. The high efficient solar cells and field transistors will be made on the base of this epitaxial structures followed with comparative analysis of the investigated data.
During decades the project developers were occupied with technology of growing and investigation of different semiconductor materials including III-V compounds and also designing technology for producing products of engineering electronics. Amassed experience on this field makes possible solve the problem of growing GaAs single crystals and producing high efficient semiconductor devices on the base of the grown crystals.
The developers of the project for a long period collaborated with Czech (Brno University), GIREDMET(Russian, Moscow), A.F.Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute (Sanct-Peterburg) and Azerbaijanian Physical Institute of Azerbaijan (Baki) scientists.
The developers of the project participated systematically in the organization and work of International conferences and symposiums on semiconductor materials. They have received the authors’ certificates for the invention [1-3] and certain parts of their investigations were published in prominent foreign publications [4-17].
The majority number of the developers worked over the themes related to some military subjects. Implementation of the project enables the developers of the project to solve some problems connected with technology and investigation of semiconductor materials and to make devices on the base of semiconductors with steady and effective characteristics. Realization of the project makes possible create additional workplaces, enables our scientific workers re-orientate themselves on the scientific activity in the consumer industries.


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