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Plant-Growing Products Processing


New Materials and Technologies for Plant-Growing Products Processing

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  • INS-OTH/Other/Instrumentation

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Leading Institute
MISIS (Steel and Alloys), Russia, Moscow

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  • NIKIMT (Institute of Assembly Technology), Russia, Moscow


  • TU Bergakademie Freiberg / Institut für Metallformung, Germany, Freiburg

Project summary

The fulfilment of this project will allow to obtain:
- food quality improvement (juices are mass products, which are necessary for health of the people of any age), that will positively have an effect on health of the people;
- reduction of waste amount (on occasion completely to remove them);
- improvement of an ecological conditions. The fulfilment of the this project will affect improvement of an ecological conditions by two ways. Firstly, it is necessary to notice, that earlier the part waste after long-duration contact with copper turned to unsuitable for further processing substation, and it much polluted an environmental nature. Secondly, perfection of the equipment will allow to process the greater quantity of raw material, it means that raw material will not spoil (earlier it was favourable environment for development of harmful micro-organisms, so it was a certain ecological problem;
- improvement of supply of the population by meal products, and it is an economic and political problem;
- from the technical point of view: project includes production of pilot equipment (two kinds of presses for juice manufacture, three kinds of auxiliaries, etc.), elaboration of new technology for presses production (three kinds of production technologies of detail named "net" with 50 000-100000 holes.

Introduction and Overview

During long time basic units of presses for juice production was being made from copper alloys (bronze and brass). At present time leading food production firms stop to use contact of copper alloys details with foodstuffs. They use stainless steel only. But treatment of such stainless steel is very difficult (it is not possible to drill of 100 000 holes in detail “net” from stainless steel with using ordinary drilling equipment). That is why development of juice production equipment comes into collision with large technological difficulties. It is not possible to solve (to work out) this problem without scientific research. There are several methods for solution of this problem. For example, several firms use methods of very fast drilling (but it is expensive method; it means that equipment is expensive as well); several firms change design of equipment and produce new equipment without difficult units (but this method has problems with productivity and quantity and qualification of workers). It is mean that elaboration of juice production equipment is important and actual (urgent) world problem from both points of view: scientific and practical.

Fulfillment of project’s works is planed according to next scheme:

- investigation and elaboration of production technology of separate unites and assembles of juice production equipment without using of copper alloys for contact with foodstuffs;
- elaboration new methods of treatment of specific materials for juice production equipment;
- elaboration new designs of juice production equipment;
- choose and elaboration of new materials for juice production equipment;
- making pilot units of equipment for semi-industrial test;
- test of equipment (determination of functional ability, quality of equipment, quality of juice, research of corrosion resistance of juice production equipment as union machine);
- improvement of elaborated equipment on the basis of test of equipment on the basis of test of equipment;
- drawing up the final report, scientific articles, etc.

“Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys” and “Scientific, Research and Design Institute of Assembly Technology” have experience in the topic; they have patent for technology of production of one unit of juice production equipment (one of the version of making). Part of units was made from stainless steel and was tested in industrial conditions. But it is necessary to imply scientific research, to choose and elaborate specific materials, to elaborate new designs of equipment, to elaborate new technologies of production of units.


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