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New Technology of Polyparametric Monitoring for Medical and Ecological Research

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Leading Institute
Research Center of Toxicology and Hygienic Regulation of Biopreparations, Russia, Moscow reg., Serpukhov

Supporting institutes

  • Anokhin Institute of Normal Physiology, Russia, Moscow\nDistributed Information Systems and Technologies for Medical Applications, Russia, Moscow


  • University of South Florida / Center for Research in Behavioral Medcine and Health Psychology / Department of Psychology, USA, FL, Tampa

Project summary

An actual direction of medicine is the problem of a health maintenance and serviceability of the person in complicated and unfavorable economic and ecological conditions of the modern world. The contemporary achievements of diagnostics have shown, that the most favorable strategy for public health maintenance is the detection of early stages of an adaptive syndrome development and of the possible correction. Therefore for today a key issue of preventive medicine is solving the problems of monitoring the stages of development of an adaptive syndrome in all variety of dysfunction and psychosomatic diseases, which can cause stress.

In modern world technological factors cause a specific role of industrial medicine. Despite of significant achievements in development of the methodological approaches with use of the increasing complexes of physiological indices, until now there are no unified computer-oriented methods for the fast integral evaluation of health condition for each separate inpidual. The methods must satisfy the requirements on watching dynamics (changes) of the health state during the hard activity or for population groups influenced by various factors of environment, for watching chemical, not medical and other forms of a functional condition control for living organism. Therefore creation of information technology for these purposes is an actual problem.

A set of methods was developed as a result of long-term use of polyparametric methodology for the evaluation of functional state of an organism in experimental researches of chemical substances physiological activity, in clinic physiological researches in various industrial conditions and in different conditions of labor activity. The following methods are among them: a method for the evaluation of the personal functional state; experimental system for express comparative evaluation of physiological activity of various chemical substances and physical factors of the environment on animals; the method of polyparametric diagnostics of localization and type of action for medical remedies; mode of cordial activity estimation; method for monitoring of functional state of the person during his activity etc. The essence of polyparametric methods consists in the parameterization of physiological indexes, matrix description of functional state basing on unified set of amplitude and temporal parameters of physiological functions, use of pattern recognition and classifications methods for the analysis of many-dimensional physiological data. A system - symmetric approach to parameter definition and evaluation of relations for functions which appears as new diagnostic feature is basically new one in functional diagnostics. The resolving rules are incorporated in computer programs. Depending on the program, entered into the computer, up to several tens indexes can be traced. In an automated mode the definition of a functional condition of investigated person is produced in express mode. The procedure takes only 5-8 min. Syndrome evaluation of data can be produced by a doctor in an interactive mode with the help of visualized "image of a state", represented on a display. Especially important for the doctor quality is the reading simplicity of the final information, which prevent from errors in data treatment, and which guarantees the doctor monitoring on the operation of resolving rules. This ensures double effect consisting in exactitude and speed. The evaluation of deviations of parameters from normative values gives the possibility to determine a functional system limiting the functional state: cardiac, cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory, on which it is possible to monitor the functional state during the activity of a person. At the moment when a limiting functional system exit the limits of an admissible level the alternation of polyparametric researches and (or) state corrections (correction of environment) is done.

The methods are tested and positive conclusions from the Moscow medical academy are presented, as well as from Kaunas medical academy and Central institute of doctor qualification improvement. Now there is a laboratory experimental model of an automated polyparametric system with the developed software package for IBM PC in the field of primary processing and analysis of polyparametric results, and also on creation of a data bank. The laboratory experimental model is installed in polyclinic of MSU, where the inspection of student health will be carried out. Medical and technical specifications are prepared and are authorized by the Ministry of public health and medical industries of Russian Federation for the creation of an automated hardware and software complex of polyparametric functional diagnostics.

The basic purpose of the offered project is the optimization of the developed method for creation of technologies for medical and ecological researches:

· Software for polyparametric methods of investigation;

· Development of technological maps for ecological researches;

· Creation of integrated banks for gathering and comparative analysis of many-dimensional physiological data for groups of the people residing in similar ecological conditions;

· Development of a technology for tutoring the polyparametric monitoring system basing on accumulated data;

· Perfecting of method hardware;

· Creation of monitoring techniques for medical and ecological researches.

Expected results:

1) Technologies of polyparametric diagnostics

a) For monitoring of a functional state during the activities of a person in industrial and sports medicine;

б) For creation of system and information fundamentals of the technology of the health evaluation for groups of people residing in similar economic and social conditions.

2) Hardware and software complex of polyparametric monitoring.

3) Methodical recommendations for use of hardware and software complex of polyparametric monitoring.

4) Criterions of evaluation for the functional state of the people during monitoring.

Perspectives of the use for expected results:

The technologies of polyparametric diagnostics of the functional state of an organism and criteria evaluation of the vital physiological systems are intended for preventive and clinical medicine and can be used in any medical institution. The polyparametric technologies can be used both for applied physiological researches, and for mass inspections in industrial and sports medicine, in various medical and ecological researches, for quick choice of inpidual correction measures etc. The polyparametric technologies can be widely used in medical institutions for screening of organized collectives for "risk" groups detection and evaluation of curing and improving procedures effectiveness taking into account functional state of the patient. The polyparametric methods are opened for further development and improvement on the basis of the accumulation of data, which are obtained in polyparametric screening and effective correction measures for health state of people groups of the same professional activity, and groups of the people residing in similar environment and ecological conditions. The application perspectives for expected results are considerably improved in case of syndrome analysis realization, and its result comparison with efficiency of correctional and other improving measures. It will allow the development of the scientifically based expert systems for the syndrome analysis and adequate inpidual choice of state correction measures. This will give the possibility to develop scientifically based consulting models of syndrome analysis and inpidually adequate choice of correction tools.


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