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Bioprotection of Root Crops


Development of Pilot Technology for Production of Biopreparation on the Basis of Novel Strains of Trichoderma Genus Fungi to Protect Root Crops from Phytopathogenic Infections in the Course of Long-Term Storage

Tech Area / Field

  • BIO-IND/Industrial Biotechnology/Biotechnology
  • BIO-MIB/Microbiology/Biotechnology
  • AGR-PPR/Plant Protection/Agriculture

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Senior Project Manager
Weaver L M

Leading Institute
JSC Biochimmash, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Research Center of Toxicology and Hygienic Regulation of Biopreparations, Russia, Moscow reg., Serpukhov


  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA, TN, Oak Ridge\nPacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA, WA, Richland

Project summary

Goal of the project: development of scientifically grounded mode to protect root crops under their long-term storage using biological preparation based on Trichoderma fungi.

Special concern of those who are involved into agricultural production, transportation and storage is presentation of high food value and trade attractiveness of fruits, berries, potato and vegetables. The work is provoked also by high cost of spoiled agricultural produce for both manufacturers and distributors.

The primary idea of the project is to develop techniques for root crops protection under their long-term storage with employment of biological preparations produced on the basis of Trichoderma fungi. The technique will completely exclude the necessity of using any chemical preparations, as well as provide reduction of production losses to economically insignificant. The products must meet the request: "ecologically safe product".

It is known that sugar beets, carrots and other root crops, as well as fruits, berries and potato, contain carbohydrates and proteins, that is a favorable medium for parasitosis agents and physiological diseases. Annually, from 30 to 60% of food-stiffs are spoiled because of molds or disease-producing bacteria, doing harm not only to national economy in total. Spoiled products contaminated by dangerous mycotoxins present a hazard for people's health, and farm-and-poultry breeding.

The problem of storage of agricultural produce, including root crops and potato, as well as preservation of their food value and ensuring full ecological safety is quite an urgent task throughout the world.

The real way to tackle the problem is development and introduction of novel highly productive, ecologically sound biopreparations and highly efficient resource-saving technologies for their application in production and storage of agriculture produce with quality, determined by the mark "ecologically safe product".

The key demands must be: safety for human beings, simplicity, high efficiency and cost-effective application.

Cutting losses even on 20-30% during storage covers all the expenses for growing the whole harvest.

Biopreparations under development, at meeting all specifications in agriculture are ecologically sound and harmless for health of humans, animals, fishes, bees. Development of complex technology, including method for seed stock incrustation before sowing as in open so in closed ground, as well as the way of keeping ready produce in vegetable stores and during their transportation on long distances, advantageously differs from chemical agents by indices of ecological safety and absolute harmlessness for humans.

The project scientists staff has many-years experience in the area of biotechnology:

– in construction collection of microorganisms-producers of biologically active substances;

– in development of various marketable forms of microbiological preparations;
– in conducting toxicological assessment of producer-strains and preparations on their basis;
– development and application of mathematical models of microorganisms growth and integral criteria of biological properties assessment;
– in development of industrial process standing order for biopreparations production;
– in development of ways and technology for biopreparations application.

Expected results.

As a result of the project implementation a new approach to settle the problem of root crops (sugar-beet, carrot) and potatoes protection from phytopathogenic infection, using biological preparations will be developed; collection of Trichoderma genus active producer-strains will be constructed; the strains' cultural-and-morphological and toxicological properties will be studied, screening of strains for bioprotection purposes will be conducted; biopreparation in liquid marketable form with developed technology for its application for root crops and potatoes protection during storage will be developed; toxicological-and-hygienic assessment of the preparation; technical permissive documentation, regulating sanitary and technological standards of the preparation producing and application.

Meeting ISTC goals and objectives.

The project is in full agreement with the ISTC goals and objectives. It will be implemented with the assistance of Russian specialists, having been employed in defense area before, in contact with experts from other scientific research institutes. Investigations are aimed at settling economical and ecological problems (providing production of ecologically sound, not polluted with toxins food, minimization of agricultural produce losses during its storage, refusal from using chemical substances at keeping food produce).

Scope of activities.

The project implementation supposes conduction of theoretical and experimental investigation complex, technological works, development of technical permissive documentation, aimed at settling the following tasks:

enlargement of the biopreparation Trichoderma genus producer-strains collection;

– screening of fungi strains, effective on biological and toxicological characteristics in control of fungoid infections, hitting root crops during their storage;
– biopreparation development;
– preparation toxicological assessment, development of hygienic recommendations for its producing and application;
– development of technology for biopreparation application;
– development of technical documentation, regulating usage of the preparation according to accepted in the RF standards and rules.

All the tasks are fulfilled by participating organizations: "Biopreparat", RCT&HRB, taking into account main activity occupation of organizations - project participants. The work results will be presented in the form of reports, articles, experiments protocols, technical decisions on development of bioprotection technology.

Foreign collaborators' role.

According to the scope of activities in the project frames the following partnership with foreign organizations-collaborators is proposed:

– information exchange during the project implementation;
– reviewing report materials, presented to the ISTC;
– participating in technical check of the project activities;
– providing assistance in attending international meetings;
– holding joint investigations, symposiums and workshops.


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