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Geological-Geochemical and Geophysical Research of Granitoids of the Nizhnekanskiy Massif for a Choice of Sites for Underground Repository of High-Level Radioactive Waste of Russian Industrial Sites: Mining-Chemical Combine (MCC), "Mayak" Production Assoc

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  • OBS-GEO/Geology/Other Basic Sciences

8 Project completed

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Senior Project Manager
Novozhilov V V

Leading Institute
Khlopin Radium Institute, Russia, St Petersburg


  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA, CA, Livermore

Project summary

Objective of the Project:

The principle objective of the Project is the choice of a uniform, low-permeable block of granitoid rocks in the northern part of the Nizhnekanskiy massif and a scientific substantiation of conditions necessary to forecast the long-term isolation of radionuclides in such a block, the results of geological-geophysical investigations being applied for it, as well as the data on sites boring results and the methods of geological-geochemical similarity. The researches on the choice of the site are focused on radioactive wastes (including the spent nuclear fuel) of the Mining-Chemical Combine (MCC) and other industrial sites such "Mayak" Production Association, Siberian Chemical Combine (Tomsk). Limited consideration of the potential fractionated wastes of the proposed RT-2 plant will be given.

Technical approach and proposed results:

A complex character of investigations determines a wide range of methodical procedures used to perform tasks taken up.

These methods include:

— Analysis of the available geophysical and geological data for northern part of the Nizhnekanskiy massif with the purpose of finding favorable blocks for underground radioactive waste disposal;

— Carrying out of expedition works and geophysical studies of massif, blocks, rocks;

— Subsurface geophysical methods (borehole logging);

— Geological, geochemical data from boreholes;

— Mineralogo-petrographycal, isotope-radiogeochemical data through various investigative procedures in laboratories;

— Investigation of barrier properties of massif, blocks, rocks, minerals (primary and secondary);

— The application of geological similarity principles for securing the safety of isolation of long-lived radionuclides.

Anticipated results of the Project:

Investigations of the Yenisei Ridge geological formations showed the prospects of the Nizhnekanskiy granitoids massif detailed investigations organization. Some sites have been chosen for further investigations according to geophysical data. In fact, the possibility of solidified HLW disposal in large monolithic blocks of the Nizhnekanskiy granitoids massif had been established.

Realization of the Project will make it possible:

- to describe the Nizhnekanskiy massif' granitoids as a geological medium for high-level and long-lived waste disposal;

- to assess structural-geological and geochemical parameters of the Nizhnekanskiy granitoids' blocks and their compliance with radioactive waste safe isolation criteria;

- to estimate the barrier properties of the massif (that of monolithic rocks, weathering zone rocks, fractured zones et al.), restraining the migration of radionuclides;

- to make a scientifically substantiated forecast of conditions for long-term radionuclides isolation in granitoid blocks, applying the basic laws of geological bodies development, concepts of geological similarity, history of forming and changing of regional geological formations and structural-geochemical features of the Nizhnekanskiy rock massif;

- to specify the most perspective sites for detailed designing and prospecting works and abyssal boring in the northern part of the Nizhnekanskiy massif.


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