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Mechanochemical Reactions


Research of the Shock-wave Loading Influence on Proceeding of Mechanochemical Reactions at Synthesis of New Types of Composite Materials

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  • MAT-COM/Composites/Materials

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VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

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  • Ural Branch of RAS / Institute of Metal Physics, Russia, Sverdlovsk reg., Ekaterinburg

Project summary

The objective of this Project is the investigation into the nature of forming and the physical properties of new metastable states of solids which have been achieved by shock-wave loading methods.

The Project covers two adjacent fields of scientific knowledge-physics of high pulsed pressures and temperatures and physics of metals. The synthesis of magnetic materials and intermetallic compounds being new in their properties should become the perspective result of such combination. The analysis shows that in case of the attainment of the goals being set in the Project these materials can be widely used in electronics and aerospace engineering as well as in their applications.

The characteristic feature of the project is complex research of the dependence of physic-chemical properties of processed materials on chemical composition, initial crystal structure, concentration of components, chemical bond type, conditions and treatment regimes in grinding equipment, hydrogenation and shock-wave loading. The application of this approach opens up new possibilities both for physical grounds of principles of formation of metastable states in solids and study of physic-chemical properties of solid-phase reactions under non-equilibrium conditions.

The main results of the suggested work should be the following:

- phase and structural analysis of the synthesized samples; determination of their physical and mechanical properties;
- revealing of mechanism of metastable phases and non-equilibrium structures formation at different stages of structural phase and chemical transformation when shock-wave loading parameters are changed;
- elucidation of the mechanism of the metal penetration into a sample, and the influence of this mechanism on proceeding of physicochemical reactions, structure, physical and mechanical properties;
- determination of possible mechanism for hardening the samples synthesized by an explosion;
- the study of the mechanisms of formation of metastable phases and non-equilibrium structures at different stages of structural-phase and chemical transformations at shock-wave loading parameter variation;
- development of shock-wave devices with controlled loading parameters for the synthesis of new materials;
- physical grounds of principles of formation of non-equilibrium phases in solids and development of theoretical aspects of thermodynamics of non-equilibrium phase transformations;
- construction of dynamic models of explosion loading and calculation of the necessary explosion parameters allowing to obtain materials with the predetermined complex of physic-chemical properties.

The suggested researches should be considered fundamental which will be used in the production technology of industrial samples of new types of composite materials:

- hard-magnetic materials with high hysteresis properties based on nanocrystalline composites of high-coercive intermetallics (Sm, Nd)-(Fe,Co) and soft-magnetic materials (Fe, Co);
- high-strength and magnetoresistive materials based on non-equilibrium structures in binary metal systems with immiscible components (Fe-Cu, Co-Cu, etc.);
- light-weight and high strength metallic materials on the basis of intermetallic compounds Al-Ti; AlNi and their derivatives;
- high-strength and wear-resistance materials based and diamond-steel system.

It should be emphasized that non-traditional approaches are the basis of the Project both at the stage of the formation of the initial components of synthesized materials and at the stage of shock-wave action on matter.

There are grounds for optimism in the Project realization. Thus, the intermetallic compounds T13Al, TiAl, TiNi, having unusual phase composition and exceeding hardness of monocrystals of these substances by a factor of two or three, have been synthesized by us.

The transformation of hematite into magnetite has been realized in shock waves("Formation of Metastable Phases in the Condensed Matter by Shock-Wave Loading and 100 MJ Ballistic Facility. Results and Perspectives" E. V.Shorokhov, A. Ye. Yermakov, V.A. Grinberg, et al.) ISMAHAM-96.

International Symposium on Metastable Mechanically Alloyed and Nanocrystalline Materials Rome, Italy, May 20-24, 1996.

It should be noted that by involving the explosive technologies for the synthesis of new materials we pay much attention to economical efficiency and ecology in performing experiments that may undoubtedly, be useful for mass production.

When searching approaches for solving the problem of the synthesis of materials with programmed properties, theorists, mathematicians, experimenters and constructors having a great practical experience and international recognition are involved. Among them there are 6 Doctors, 25 Candidates of phys. & math, sciences. They have published more then hundred scientific works and some monographs on close directions.

The participants of the Project relate with interest to all the proposals with respect to collaboration in the given Project on the part of the perspective partners. Such forms of collaboration as information exchange, joint development of proposals on materials being investigated and set-up of experiments, discussion of experimental results, including those at the joint workshops, analysis of samples after explosive loading.

We shall welcome the appearance of joint publications, patents, projects concerned with the introduction of the obtained results into industry, financial proposals.


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