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Gas-Dynamic Opening of Oil Containing Seams


Perspective and Ecological Pure Technology of Gas-Dynamic Opening of Oil Containing Seams for Purpose of Intensification of Hydrocarbonic Fuel Production

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  • NNE-FUE/Fuels/Non-Nuclear Energy
  • ENV-SPC/Solid Waste Pollution and Control/Environment
  • OBS-GEO/Geology/Other Basic Sciences

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Leading Institute
RSI "Wzrivgeophysika", Russia, Moscow reg., Ramenskoye

Supporting institutes

  • Research Institute of Polimeric Materials, Russia, Perm reg., Perm\nJoint Stock Company "Geophysica", Russia, Perm reg., Polasna\nRussian Academy of Sciences / Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russia, Moscow


  • University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign / Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, USA, IL, Urbana\nPolitecnico di Milano / Dipartimento di Energetica, Italy, Milan\nCaveny Tech LLC, USA, MD, Fort Washington\nPennsylvania State University / Propulsion Engineering Research Center, USA, PA, University Park

Project summary

Goal of the suggested Project is an elaboration of new, ecological safe and more effective technology and equipment for purpose of oil extracting stimulation from oil-seams on the base of usage of explosive and combustible materials (explosions and solid rocket fuels). Several types of second opening of oil-seams for oil extracting by explosives are used now in World practice. The main method hears is cumulative perforating of oil wells and oil-seam opening by propellant pressure generators (PPG). Drawback of cumulative perforation is creation zones of compression in oil-seam, which decrees penetrability of the oil-seam close to oil well. Because of that just after perforation, the opening of oil-seam by PPG often is performed. Last years complex equipment “Stim-Gun” of the USA production is active advertised. This equipment contains cumulative and solid propellant charges in one assembly, where propellant charge is outside of perforator. The simple and effective design of “Stim-Gun” has, however a set of drawbacks in work: uncontrolled process of combustion and gas generation, large amount of solid combustion products which can obstruct natural cracks, too large power loading on well in zone of processing, which weeks well column and provokes damages. Up to now in Russia and abroad, elaboration of gas generating equipment, especially joined with cumulative charges, hasn’t theoretical validation of mechanism gas dynamic oil-seam opening. Without the theoretical validation of this complex process, the optimization of the process is impossible. The theoretical description allows one to predict validate technical requirements for cumulative and propellant charges, which are necessary for working out of new well equipment.

The Project provides solution of the following tasks: 1) elaboration and improvement of new complex equipment of body type (“Perfogen”) which hasn’t the indicated drawbacks of Stim-Gun and which allows one to control process of gas generating of given gas content and flowing of the propellant gases to the oil-seam, following cumulative jets; 2) creation of theoretical basis of gas dynamic oil-seam opening by products of explosion and combustion; 3) elaboration of special solid propellant compositions and charges of given gas content, without solid combustion products; 4) elaboration of technology of gas dynamic oil-seam opening; 5) elaboration of technology of ecology safe cleaning of oil pollution, created during effective oil-well processing, and using of products of cleaning. Realization of the indicated tasks allows one to increase significantly percent of oil extraction from oil-seams and to stimulate works of large number of old, closed oil wells, without large investments. It is important for economical potential of oil producing country. Preliminary works with the first version of the new complex equipment of body type show the high efficiency of this equipment. As a rule, a long and stable increasing of oil productivity was observed. The work is cheap: the second gas-dynamic opening of oil-seam by the new equipment under Russia conditions costs about $ 1.500; for comparison, the cost of new oil-well drilling and instrumentation is about two thousand times greater.

Specialists-professionals, mainly of weapon specialty, will participate in the performance of the Project, and, also, geophysical specialists, using energy of explosion. Management of each work direction of the Project will be performed by specialists of highest competence, working in largest Russian Institutes, and having large experience in elaborations of new methods and equipment for mining-breaking technologies.

Elaboration of design and tests of new complex equipment of body type will be performed by employees of RSI “Wzrivgeophysica” (Ramenskoe, Moscow region; five participants - 2 Prof., D.Sc., 1 Ph.D., 2 engineers). It is the leading Institute in Russia in elaboration and testing of new equipment and methods of gas dynamic oil-seam opening. Special solid propellant compositions and charges will be performed by employees of FSUE “RIPM” (Perm, three participants, 1 Ph.D., 2 engineer-chemists). It is the leading Institute in Russia in elaboration of different propellants and solid mixtures of various predestinations and in utilization of solid rocket fuels. Theoretical investigations will be performed by scientists of Institute of Chemical Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow; two participants, 1 Prof., D.Sc., 2 Ph.D.). It is the leading Institute in Russia in theoretical and applied investigations in physics of combustion. Models of propellant charges combustion in oil wells and crack formations in oil-seams due to hot gases will be created and improved in framework of the Project. The models will be basis for predictions of parameters of new equipment and technologies. Elaboration of new technology of gas dynamic opening by new equipment will be performed by employees of PETC "Geophysics", City Polasna (Perm’s region; two participants, both engineer-geophysists). The participants have great experience in field of shoot-through-explosive works in wells, especially by the most progressive in Russia cumulative and propellant charges. PETC “Geophysics” equipped by modern geophysics instrumentations. Elaboration of materials and technology for oil slime collection and ecology safe utilizations will be performed by a special department of Perm’s FSUE “RIPM”.

The project meets ISTC goals completely. Indeed:

1) Providing for 9 scientists and engineers opportunity to redirect their activity to peaceful works; besides, weapon enterprises will be involved in production of completing devices for equipment “Perfogen” (body of the equipment from gun steel, charges, explosive patrons, Bickford’s fuses).

2) The Project supports research and technology development for peaceful purposes in such important fields as environment protection; usage of positive results, obtained in Project, allows economical potential of oil producing countries to be increased.

3) The project support transition to market-base economic responsive to civil needs, because it supports development of private companies of small and middle business; the companies will introduce and improve in future the created technology of oil seam opening in different regions on commercial base.

The participation of 14 workers is supposed from 4 Russian enterprises, including 10 workers of weapon specializations. The Project has 5 work directions and 5 groups of participants. The following methodology of work performing is planning. Each group will perform work to fit own plan and technical tasks. Results of each group working will have the form of information reports. Experimental samples of elaborated equipment and charges will be suggested for stand testing in RSI “Wzrivgeophysica” and for tests under oil well conditions - in PETC "Geophysics".

Project duration - 2 years. Financial support $ 200,000. Total effort 5,324 person-days, including 4,840 person-days for weapon scientists and specialists.


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