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Machine for Cutting Wall Stone


The Development of Machine for Cutting Wall Stone of Correct Form from Rock Massive by Strength up to 40 MPa

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  • MAN-MCH/Machinery and Tools/Manufacturing Technology
  • MAN-MPS/Manufacturing, Planning, Processing and Control/Manufacturing Technology
  • MAN-PDM/Plant Design and Maintenance/Manufacturing Technology

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Leading Institute
National Polytechnical University of Armenia / Gyumri Educational Campus, Armenia, Gyumri

Supporting institutes

  • “Akhuryani Shinanyuter” Co.Ltd, Armenia, Gyumri\n"Karat" Machine Closed Joint Stock Company, Armenia, Gyumri


  • [Individual specialist]\nAcademy of Sciences of the Czech Republic / Institute of Geonics, Czechia, Ostrava

Project summary

The objective of the project - creation of an experimental sample new stone cutting machine (under the

# 1839 A2 Republics of Armenia) for the production of wall stone by sizes up to 200*300*400 (500) mm of the correct form from tuff quarries essentially distinguished till the construction, principle of an operation, weight, technological parameters and using technology of cutting by ultra-high pressure waterjet (UHPWJ) in a combination with to cutting by a diamond disk saw.

The technology of production of wall stone of the correct form has not changed more than 50 years. The production of a stone is made by an open method by low-bench stone cutting machines of CMP-026/1 type. Currently the process is imperfect as it gleans only 35-40 % useable stone while leaving mountains of scrap, irreparable damage to an environment.

The project is directed on a solution of problems in stone production, for increased of efficiency of technological masonry industry, the improving of the degree of used quarry and a sharp reduction in damage to the environment due to the use the UHPWJ and special stone cutting machine.

The project based on the many years of experience of the scientists and engineers accumulated during development and production during decades of stone cutting machines and machine tools. Being exclusively in the countries of the CIS, the participation CJSC “Karat” Machine will allow us to take advantage of experience their experience working in other countries such as Iran, Syria, etc...Also participating in the Project is the scientific faculty “Stone Cutting Systems” of the State Engineering University of Armenia, former employees from the Scientific Research Institute “Stone and Silicate”. All parties have experience in designing hydrowedge, where knots of high pressure are used.

It is expected, that obtained outcomes will be:

Demonstration of a decreased amount in the production of off-standard wall stone. This will result in the doubling of useable material. Increasing the degree of use career to 70-80 % instead of 35-40 %;

Guarantee increased depth in active and new quarries, and the possibility of secondary use of deserted immovable quarries;

Will drastically improve ecological problems in stone quarries;

Will allow the exclusion of expensive disk saws, heavy stone cutting machines (only 4-5 ton instead 17 ton old machine), and will sharply reduce energy and working expenses;

Will form the basis for the organization of the serial issue of new machines and will have a commercial potential and can become a basis for long-term business ties with all interested parties and organizations not only in Armenia and other countries of CIS;

Will allow continued work on improvement of a construction stone cutting machine of the facilitated variant for production of wall stone of the correct form and extension of technological possibilities of machines for the production of immovable blocks of stronger mountain breeds.

By supporting research with a peaceful purpose we will also promote a solution of national and international technical problems in the field of production and processing of a natural stone, that corresponds to the purposes and directions of activity ISTC.

Development of the machine for production of wall stone of the correct form from a quarry working with UHPWJ is a rather difficult and laborious problem. The first task of Project including the research of cutting tuff by full factorial experiment and the analysis of a design of the base hydrodemolution machine. During the fulfillment of the second and the third scientific and technical problems will be revealed optimum planning of a solution of the new machine, and also a sketch design of the general machine, and its of separate knots. In parallel the problems of technological maintenance of both purchases of furnishing knots and mechanisms will be solved. The fourth problem is most labour-consuming. It assumes delivery of chassis the base machine, manufacturing of separate details and knots and assembly and debugging of the machine as a whole. The end-to-end test of the machine will be provided in quarry conditions. It is the fifth problem of the Project. The sixth problem generalizes outcomes of research into tests the machine in quarry conditions. The most important outcome will be marketing research in regards to the of the market of the consumers of new machines and the commercial potential of the executed Project. The expediency and the perspective of organization of the serial issue of new machines will be justified in a business – plan.

The Institute Geonics of Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic and the President of the Korean Society of Water Jet Technology as collaborators will be advisory participation in the time of engineering development and the exchange of an information during the realization of the Project.


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