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Monitoring Flexible Manufacture Systems


System Development of Forming Probable (Prognostic) Characters of the Flexible Manufacture with Multi Connected Structure via Monitoring of Its Processes

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  • MAN-MPS/Manufacturing, Planning, Processing and Control/Manufacturing Technology
  • MAN-COM/CAD and CAM/Manufacturing Technology

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Kyrgyz National Technical University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements, Poland, Warsaw\nOxford Business Partners Ltd, UK, Oxford

Project summary

Project belongs to the sphere of data ware of system of computer-control manufacturing in machine building, instrument-making industry, electrical engineering, electronic industry, automobile industry, agricultural engineering as well as it could be oriented on social, economical, financial, educational and other spheres of man's activities.

Known basic and applied researches and works have not provided such an organized level of industrial processes where actual productivity of a system equals to its cyclic productivity and any off cyclic losses are eliminated. Devices, methods and algorithms for systems have drawbacks of the principal nature which leads to problems of design, implementation and improvement of technology intensification systems. It is explained by the fact that not all principles of development of structures of technological operations are understood and it is needed to do the further improvement of a united system of structural development of processes that helps to predict new processes and means of production corresponding to them.

This will be possible if new control algorithms of evolution processes in flexible systems are designed, however, now specialists are actively working over creation of system behavior control. It is an extensive way which could not build up strategy in technology, design and control. Process intensification and its system realization are laid in structural modernization that is mainly determined this project.

It is necessary to decrease the abstraction of theoretical generalizations, to insure applications of methods, to strengthen connection between theory and specific requirements and properties of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). This should update the significance of concepts built in system theory and facilitate their realization at current manufactures.

The proposed project is aimed at applied researches with a new approach for the manufacturing industry based on flexible manufacturing systems with multiply connected structure, which accelerates solution of technical problems related to civil needs in both the country and world community on the whole. Results of the project will be also applied in social, economical, administrative spheres of life and they will fully support the process of free market development. Universal properties of expected results are hidden within their high effectiveness. Thus, the main purpose of ISTC aimed at projects for civil needs and requirements is achieved.

The goal of research is to achieve the continuity of object flow in small-lot production through process system and adjustment of actual productivity to the level of cyclic one. Goal-setting of such principle level is possible due to the development of a new generation system that has multiply connected structure.

Results of the project will be new theoretical generalizations in the sphere of data ware of multifunctional technologies applied in multiply connected manufacturing systems such as a complex of new generation machine systems. As the tasks of the projects are new so that creation and modernization of known research methods and means are needed to solve the tasks. New methods will provide for original project solutions of elements, connections and directly information systems. Methods and devices will be inventions and be patented. Methods, means, patents, working documents of prototype FMS and followed up production are the active commercial attribute of the project.

To scientific view point, the important result of the project will be development of stochastic model of flexible manufacturing based on the example of the new inventions and adjustment of this model to typical tasks of computerized manufacturing and economical situations as well.

Preliminary analysis of constructions and functioning of multiply connected FMS indicates its technical, economical, system, cybernetic progressiveness whose criteria levels exceed typical and newly proposed but not multiply connected solutions. The obvious fact would be steel intensity decrease of the system due to logical rejection of storage subsystem of semi-finished products, auxiliaries and equipment. System with multiply connected structure will become the basic processing component of many types and stages of manufacturing.

Tasks of the project include special researches and design of FMS with multiply connected structure as a monitoring object, its progressiveness and organization criteria, in compliance with them, local and global functional scheme of monitoring device with evidence of decision-making procedures and achievement of competitive nature of technology execution via prognoses information created which guarantees continuity of technological flows under the controls of monitoring realization block.

As the realization of the project assumes integrated application known areas of knowledge and invention of new methods that’s why research members should possess system approach methods and analysis in technology, control, design, information and programming of automation systems. The research team consists of engineers on automation of systems who have original author’s inventions. Scientific adviser of the project has his books, scientific and methodological articles published, as well as has patents for his inventions, implemented projects on automation systems in mechanical engineering, machine tool industry, instrument-making industry, electrical industry, agricultural machinery.

In addition, the quality of the project is assured by continuous consultation with collaborators. Conditions and interim results of the research could be corrected. Workshops and mutual participation in conferences of scientific and technical levels will intensify effectiveness of the project.

Testing of intermediate and final results is resulted during the process of providing the theoretical grounds for necessity of monitoring of system with multiply connected structure. To do this it is possible to organize a discussion of concrete designs with the collaborator at joint seminars with verification of accuracy of the facts, degree of their satisfaction to the basic theoretical principles. Control checks of the progress of work stages conducted by the collaborator will ensure the real development of the planned work.

Project is orientated onto the obtaining of multifunctionality of FMS agreeable to standards of small-lot production and one-off production. This could be achieved by equipping systems with self-organization and adaptation properties of elemental module formations to each other in dynamic regimes based on new information rules, devices and regularities of the evolution of multiply connected machines under conditions of computerized manufacturing. In world practice this problem is brought to the discussion for the first time.

Implementation of the Project is calculated for 1.5 years and is dependent on the solution of six main tasks of the system engineering.

Methodology of research is justified by structural system development theory, information theory and computer-aided manufacturing theory. Evolutional processes of the new systems will behave successfully ruled by newly developed principles which requires to create new variants of them.


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