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Electronic Database of Analytical Materials "Investor - Armenia"


Creation of Electronic Database of Analytical Materials in Economics, Finance and Law of Armenia "Investor - Armenia"

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Non Governmental Organization for Supporting Economic Development "Economic Way", Armenia, Yerevan

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  • A.I. Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory, Armenia, Yerevan


  • Caledonian University, UK, Glasgow

Project summary

Creation of an attractive investment climate in Armenia is one of the most important elements of the transition to the market economy and meets the urgent interests of the Armenian society. In this connection regular and qualified informative provision of a potential investor is of great importance. An investor can make his final decision only on the base of serious analytical materials covering all areas of business in Armenia. This kind of information provided by the independent source would enjoy confidence of both local and foreign investors.

Meanwhile at present there is a great lack of such kind of materials. The process of realization of the reforms in Armenia appears to be the prerogative of only the authorities in fact. The intellectual potential of the Armenian society (in the person of businessmen and specialists in economics, law, etc.) is used rather poorly and as a result of it business-conducting conditions in Armenia are far from being perfect.

Hence the objectives of the project are:

1. Information support for local and foreign investors by means of analytical materials from the independent source.

2. Organization of regular public analysis and discussions of the economic, financial and law aspects of transition of Armenia to the market economy.

Based upon it the aim of the project is:

- creation of Electronic Database of Analytical Materials in Economics, Finance and Law of Armenia "Investor - Armenia"

Expected results. The transition to a market economy in every NIS country is conducted in different ways depending on the traditions and originality of a given country, its social-politic situation. The lack of theoretical and practical knowledge about a transition period becomes a great problem and every country has to overcome it on its own. Hence the expected results of the project of creation of analytical materials database "Investor-Armenia" are the following:

1. The real picture of investment climate in the country will become more transparent together with its positive and negative sides. The existence of database by itself can lead to increase in foreign investments as just the lack of such kind of business information from the independent source frighten off a part of them.

2. The economic and legal analytical materials obtained as a result of the mobilization of intellectual potential of Armenian society will contain both the new knowledge and experience as well as proposals of directions and means to improve the elements of investment climate. In this connection these materials can be of both fundamental and applied nature for Armenia and other NIS countries, that are in the less studied transition period. They will be useful and important in the process of both practical solution of problems and correct statement of problem.

3. Increase of the activity of an Armenian society to improve the investment climate in Armenia.

The application area of this database is very wide and covers economic, legal, industrial, commercial fields.

Qualification of specialists. The qualified specialists will be involved in the project of creation of database "Investor – Armenia". The project manager Alexander Chilingaryan holds Ph.D. in economics and is an assistant professor of university. Three software and computer systems management specialists will conduct the designing of database. All they hold Ph.D. Manager of editorial works of the project is a journalist and holds Ph.D. in philology. The translation of materials into English and their editorship will be carried out by the economist and jurist and by the teachers of universities.

The scope of activities. For the creation and successful functioning of independent electronic database of analytical materials "Investor-Armenia" it is necessary to realize the following work:

1. To work out database and create corresponding Web pages in online mode. It will cover all the areas related to investment climate: social-political unit; economics; finance; legal unit; probability of force majeure circumstances; administrative barriers and means to overcome them; science and education, foreign investors about Armenia, etc.

To collaborate with Armenian specialists in economics, finance, law, sociology. To establish base for efficient and long-term work with 200-300 authors.

Target segments of authors: experts; lecturers and post-graduate students of the universities; scientists;

managers and specialists of companies and organizations; businessmen; specialists from State institutions and Parliament; intellectuals; members of NGOs.

3. To conduct exclusive interviews with State officials, Parliament members, businessmen, etc.; participate in press conferences; provide the regular collection of economic news.

4. To adjust works in qualified translation, editorship and proofreading of materials. All the materials should be presented in 3 languages: Armenian (for local investors); Russian (for investors from Russia and other NIS countries); English (for investors from the USA, Europe and other countries). Maximum volume of analytical material will be up to 3 pages.

5. To organize distribution and advertisement of database "Investor-Armenia", inform all potential users about its issue.

Target segments of users: local and foreign investors; businessmen, companies; donor - countries and international economic and financial organizations; members of Parliament and Government; non governmental organizations; managers and employees of companies and organizations; teachers and students of universities.

Meeting of ISTC goals and objectives. Improvement of investment climate in Armenia and information provision of local and foreign investors is one of the elements of a transition to a market economy and creation of open society. Participation of Armenian weapons scientists and engineers in this project will let them to redirect their talents to peaceful activities.

The role of foreign collaborator is - methodological assistance in the development and further functioning of database "Investor - Armenia":

· information exchange in the course of project implementation;

· to provide comments at the end of each stage of the project.


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