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Sign-Synthesizing Displays


Research and Development of Highly Efficient Semiconduclive Sign-Synthesizing Analog Displays (Scale Indicators) of Red, Yellow and Green Light Emission

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  • INF-IMA/High-Definition Imaging and Displays/Information and Communications

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Leading Institute
Tbilisi State University, Georgia, Tbilisi

Supporting institutes

  • NPO MION, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Boston University/Photonics Center, USA, MA, Boston\nChristopher Newport University, USA, VA, Newport News\nGakushuin University / Faculty of Science, Japan, Tokyo

Project summary

Semiconductor p-n light-emitting devices have found wide application in various fields of technology, especially in spatial-purpose technology, due to their great advantages in comparison with alternative devices, namely there:
· emission within a very wide spectral range;
· low consumption of current and voltage, which provides for their compatibility with standard bipolar and MIS integrated microcircuits.
· absence of mechanically moving elements;
· minimal size and mass, etc.
Work carried out over a period of years at Tbilisi State University (TSU) as well as Scientific Production Association “MION has resulted in the creation of various devices which have found wide application in various fields, e.g. in systems of laser distance-measuring device turning (under the trade names Listopad and Lecho), infra-red imaging (Lampochka, Largo), satellite data logging and transmission (Lesorub), etc.

The project envisages the following principal stages:
· stage A: research work;
· stage B: development work.

The main directions of the work are as follows:
· improvement and modification
· development of new types, so-called “large” scale indicators.

In the work will be executed an investigation:
· technology of creation of light emission structures;
· study of the recombination processes;
· the mechanism electroluminescence in p-n junction;
· degradation processes;
· methods of creation of the light-emitting indicators;
· application in the information mapping systems, etc.

A multi-fold increases in light intensity, the creation of new modifications of “small” scale indicators, an increase in their reliability, as well as the development and preparation for production of the various types of “large” scale indicators is planned.
This project is directed to ensuring the conversion of works of scientists and technologists of TSU and “MION” has accomplished full conversion and all their proposals are clearly aimed at peaceful purposes.
At the movement three foreign institutes have shown an interest and support to this project:
· Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Virginia 23606, USA, Prof. A.M. Buoncristiani.
· College of Business, Science and Technology, Newport News, Virginia 23606-2998, USA, Dean G.Webb
· Gakushuin University, Mejiro, Tokyo, Japan, 171-8588, Prof. Tomoya Ogava
· Electrical and Computer Engineering Photonic Center, Boston University, 8 Saint Mary's Street, Boston, MA 02215-2421, Associate Prof. M.Selim Unlu

We think that Christopher Newport University will participate in the investigation of mechanism of emission processes and current flow in p-n structures and also in the discussion of results during our meetings.
College of Business, Science and Technology will participate in planning of the work, the discussion of the obtained results and
Gakushuin University will participate in the discussion of the obtained results< in the working meeting and field tests.
Electrical and Computer Engineering Photonics Center will participate in the investigation visualize applications in medicine related to endoscopy and photo-induced therapy.


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