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Quality Control System for Chemical Industry


Development of Quality Control System and Quality Training and Consulting Center

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  • CHE-IND/Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering/Chemistry

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Senior Project Manager
Valentine M

Leading Institute
State Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Russia, Moscow


  • Department of the Army / U.S.Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command / Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, USA, MD, Aberdeen Proving Ground

Project summary

The main objectives of this project are the following:

1. Creation of a modern center for development of chemical technologies operating in accordance to quality control standards.

2. Gaining of experience in development of QA/QC system and its maintaining at the technology development center.
3. Creation of a quality training and consulting center at GosNIIOKhT for the former weapons specialists.

A number of Russian organizations have knowledge and experience or can manufacture products that are competitive at the world market. However they hardly can find business partner who would be ready to run joint project or invest in a Russian organization. On one hand the reason is in high risk of Russian market. On the other hand western companies have difficulty to figure out the business structure at a particular Russian company. To make the work of Russian companies clear and understandable for the western partners the management shall be modified to meet the ISO standards.

This project proposes creation of a center on development of technologies and production of chemicals that are needed by American chemical companies such as Aldrich with simultaneous standardization of this center and its certification by ISO standards. This will enable development of long-term partnership with western companies and develop business infrastructure of GosNIIOKhT to allow independent activities at the world market.

The first-hand experience in development of quality control system will make a basis for creation of training and consulting center for the former weapon specialists. This will give an opportunity to share the gained experience and demonstrate practical success achieved by GosNIIOKhT due to quality control system.

The project will result in development of technologies for production of sulfophenol and crown-ester in pilot scale production.

The work schedule includes the following stages:

1. Technology development.

1.1. Cost and technology evaluation.

1.2. Development of methods for production of sulfophenol and crown-ester.
1.3. Optimization of the production methods.
1.4. Development of methods for waste utilization.
1.5. Development of design documentation.
1.6. Acquisition and installation of equipment, raw material acquisition.
1.7. Systemization.
1.8. Production of chemicals.

2. QA/QC system development.

2.1. Personnel training.

2.2. Determination and choosing on quality standards.
2.3. Determination of the departments for certification.
2.4. Development of the first and second level documents.
2.5. Development of local net and electronic document control system.
2.6. Development of the third level documents.
2.7. Testing of the measures for maintaining the quality control system.
2.8. Certification of the quality control system.
2.9. Maintaining the quality control system.

3. Creation of quality training and consulting center.

3.1. Systematization of the experience in quality control system development.

3.2. Analysis of effects of Russian conditions on quality control system.
3.3. Development of training program.
3.4. Development of training textbooks.
3.5. Organization of class-rooms and center structure.

The role of the partner will be in assistance in QA/QC development and implementation (Dr. Dupont Durst, CBCCOM).


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