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Hydro Ecological Atlas of Georgia


Creation of the Hydro Ecological Atlas of Georgia based on the Exploration of Hydrologic and Hydro Economic Balances of the Territory

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  • ENV-WPC/Water Pollution and Control/Environment
  • OBS-NAT/Natural Resources and Earth Sciences/Other Basic Sciences

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Leading Institute
Vakhushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • EUREKOS s.r.l., Italy, Portogruaro\nIowa State University / Department of Sociology, USA, IA, Ames

Project summary

The main goal of the project is the definition of ways of rational use and protection of water resources of Georgia in conditions of optimal economic development of the territory. The first stage in the study of this problem is the specification of the territory’s water resource potential by its genetic constituents with the consideration of geographic- hydrological mechanisms of their formation and spatiotemporal distribution. With this purpose the annual and intra-annual water balance of territory will be investigated in accordance with the differentiated six-component method offered by professor M.I. Lvovich, who was the direct scientific adviser of the project manager– N.V.Kezevadze. The fundamental research in this area carried out by professor L.A.Vladimirov together with the executors of the offered project A.I. Javakhishvili, N.N.Zakarashvili, V.Sh. Geladze, N.V.Kezevadze will serve as the basis of the study of territorial regularities of variance of elements of water balance of Georgia.

With the purpose of illustration sufficiency of water supply of the basic branches of economy, which vary in mode of use, the intra-annual water balance by hydrological and phenological seasons will be developed. For household and industrial needs the water balance will be studied by limiting and non limiting periods of river runoff, and for the needs of irrigated agriculture- by vegetation and off-season periods selected phenologically.

With the purpose of reflection of general territorial regularities of the water balance structure the structure map of the differentiated water balance will be offered in the carried work. This map, except for its scientific novelty, has a great practical value, especially for mountainous regions with poorly and unexplored basins with regard to water balance.

As final result of the first stage research the water cadastre of Georgia will be offered.

The second stage of project development - research of water utilization and requirements in view of optimum economic development of territory of Georgia, drawing up water economy balance by various categories of differentiation of the territory in conditions of deficiency and unreliability of materials by hydroeconomic elements, which are estimated indirectly on the basis of economic, ecological and hydroeconomic specifications and criteria.

On the basis of these researches the water resources schemes will be developed, various category sensitive zones (“hot points”) revealed and the factors of ecological tension and their shares in factor spectrum established.

In accordance with the results of the investigations the recommendations of optimum measures for resource management to relief ecological tension as well as the water resources schemes considering the rationalization of principles of water management will be developed.

The final stage of the project development will be represented in elaboration of the hydro ecological atlas of Georgia (for the first time!), which is valuable both by its scientific novelty and great practical importance for economic planning. It is supposed that such atlases will find wide application in the nearby countries and far abroad.

It should be noted, that the fundamental investigations, which make the basis of the offered project, had been carried out by the participants of the project since 70-s of the last century. The large-scale topographical maps, extremely for service usage, make the cartographical base for the project development. By virtue of a political situation, existing prior to the beginning of the 90s, the access to this documentation was carried out under the special service admission issued by the Committee for State Security (KGB) that in its turn created obstacles to free publication of materials and results of such researches.


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