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Monograph «Magnitocumulative Generators"


Writing of a Book «Magnetocumulative Generators as Pulsed Power Sources»

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  • FUS-PLA/Plasma Physics/Fusion
  • FUS-OTH/Other/Fusion
  • PHY-OTH/Other/Physics

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Senior Project Manager
Malakhov Yu I

Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • Siberian Branch of RAS / Lavrent'ev Institute of Hydrodynamics, Russia, Novosibirsk reg., Novosibirsk


  • US Army Space and Missile Defence Command, USA, AL, Huntsville\nLos-Alamos National Laboratory, USA, NM, Los-Alamos

Project summary

Monograph "Magneto-Cumulative Generators – Pulsed Power Sources" describes devices, transforming chemical energy of HE-charge into electrical energy. Technique of such generators have been developed in the USSR and the USA since the fifties. The main works were performed in Los Alamos National Laboratories (group of C.M.Fowler) and in RFNC-VNIIEF by two groups under the guidance of academician Alexander I. Pavlovskii and Dr. Vladimir K. Chernyshev. Similar works were also performed in some scientific laboratories of Russia, the USA and other countries.

Devices for obtaining of ultra-high magnetic fields, effective pulsed power generators, means for electro-technical matching of these generators with different loads and means of current pulses conditioning were developed in the result of the development of magnetic flux compression method. Results of the performed works were published in scientific magazines, presented on many international conferences. Eight international conferences (brief title "Megagauss"), specially devoted to the results, obtained in this field, were performed, proceedings of the conferences were published. There are monographs, devoted to theoretical consideration of explosive magnetic flux compression, generators of ultra-high magnetic fields and their applications [1-3]. However, there is no any monograph devoted to energy magneto-cumulative generators (MCG), though the total information content about them is rather large.

At the beginning of the nineties the project to summarize in one monograph the experience, accumulated in LANL and RFNC-VNIIEF in the field of creation and application of ultra-high magnetic fields generators and energy generators, appeared C.M. Fowler (LANL), A.I. Pavlovskii and R.Z. Lyudaev (RFNC-VNIIEF) should be the authors of this book. But because of A.I. Pavlovskii (1993) and R.Z. Lyudaev (1994) death, this project was delayed.

The plan of the presented monograph project is a part of A.I. Pavlovskii et al. monograph. Physical basics of magneto-cumulative generators operation, issues of their development, characteristics of the existing types of such generators, means of their matching with load and issues of current pulse conditioning. Brief review of energy generators application in physical experiments is presented.

Investigations of different laboratories will be considered in the book. The main attention will be paid to the works, carried out in RFNC-VNIIEF. The authors: A.S. Boriskin, Ph.D., head of laboratory; V.A. Demidov - Ph.D., head of department; L.N. Plyashkevich - Ph.D., leading scientist, V.B. Yakubov - Dr., head of laboratory, - many years are working in RFNC-VNIIEF.

A.S. Boriskin since 1971 is studying disk and helical MCG, performing physical experiments with MCG, on lightning EMR simulation in particular.

V.A. Demidov is working in RFNC-VNIIEF since 1966. He developed the family of helical MCG and explosive open switches for them, performs investigations of coaxial and disk MCG, used MCG for plasma focus, powering for MAGO works, created MCG for microwave devices, light radiation, etc.

L.N. Plyashkevich since 1961 is developing transformer MCG for high-impedance loads powering and cascade MCG systems. He participated in the works on high-power laser, investigations on current destruction of cumulative jets, etc. He was one of the editors of "Megagauss-7" international conference proceedings.

V.B. Yakubov since 1967 is busy with theoretical works in the field of helical and disk MCG calculations, fast operating current opening switch calculations and their applications in fusion investigations.

Besides the main authors other RFNC-VNIIEF specialists will be engaged for writing of separate sections.

Employees of Lavrentyev Hydrodynamics Institute of Siberian Division of RAS (Novosibirsk) will take part in book writing. Authors, Professor, Dr. Ye.I. Bichenkov and Deputy Director of LHI, Dr. G.A. Shvetsov have many-years working experience in the field of magneto-cumulative generators and their application.

The proposed book volume is two parts of 400-500 pages every Volume including figures, arranged according to the usual requirements for reports texts for international conferences "Pulsed Power".

Role of foreign collaborators: discussion of the book plan, information exchange during the project accomplishment, help for project participants in participation at international conferences.

1. F. Herlach. Megagauss Magnetic Fields. Reports Progr. Phys. Vol. 31. Pt. 1. 1968. P. 341-417.

2. H. Knoepfel. Pulsed High Magnetic Field. Amsterdam - London: NHPC, 1970.
3. Strong and Ultrastrong Magnetic Field and Their Applications (Ed. F. Herlach). Topics in Applied Physics. Vol. 57. Berlin - New York: Springer - Verlag, 1985.


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