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Monograph on Turbulent Mixing


Preparation of Manuscript of Book "Analytical and Nucmerical Strudying of Turbulent Mixing at Accelerated Motion of Substance"

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  • PHY-PLS/Plasma Physics/Physics

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Bugaev D V

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VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk


  • Los-Alamos National Laboratory, USA, NM, Los-Alamos\nCNRS / Institut Universitaire des Systemes Thermiques Industriels, France, Marseille\nCEA / DAM / CE Bruyères le Châtel, France, Bruyères le Châtel\nUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain, Barcelona\nAWE, UK, Aldermaston

Project summary

There are a lot of books and publications dealing with shear turbulent mixing. Being a result of Rayleigh-Taylor and Richtmyer-Meshkov instabilities, gravitational turbulent mixing is a new direction associated with the problems of ICF, and astrophysics. In the last few decades this direction has been vigorously advanced. The proposed book focuses on this direction.

The proposed monograph employs the approach based on application of simple semiempirical models of KE-type using two equations. Peculiarity of the proposed book is in combination of analytical approach with numerical simulation based on the codes of different complexity.

Models of KE-type provide satisfactory results for a wide range of problems. Main attention in monograph is given to substantiating applicability of the proposed models. For this purpose the properties are examined and compared thoroughly with the results of experiments conducted both for liquids and gases.

The following publication of the book will reflect the up-to-date level of research into the problem of gravitational mixing from the various viewpoints: theoretical, numerical, and experimental.

The book will be useful for both researchers studying the problem under consideration and students and post-graduates only starting their way in science.

Potential role of foreign collaborators

Consultations and problem discussions are planned with Dr. D. Youngs (Great Britain), R. Cheret (France), V.Rupert, K.Mickailyan, S.Haan from LLNL (USA), H.Takabe from Osaka University (Japan), L. Houas (France).


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