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Prediction of Underground Hydrosphere Pollution


Creation of Pollutants Distribution Forecasting Technique in Underground Hydrosphere

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  • ENV-WPC/Water Pollution and Control/Environment

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Rudneva V Ya

Leading Institute
National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan / Institute of Automatics, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • University Rostock, Germany, Rostock\nVanderbilt University, USA, TN, Nashville\nUSGS National Center, USA, VA, Reston

Project summary

The purpose of the project: to work out mathematical methods of forecasting of underground hydrosphere condition, hardware-software means, which allow to control its basic parameters, evident representation of results received and development of recommendations on ecological condition of underground hydrosphere.

Intensive agricultural activity, use of organic and inorganic fertilisers, drain of the fulfilled waters of the industrial enterprises and municipal services of cities and large cattle-breeding complexes resulted in collecting of pollutants in the top ground layer, which reach soil waters, infiltrating with rain and irrigating waters. Further they are distributed with underground waters. Use of soils and underground waters without scientific control leads to such undesirable phenomena, as pollution (salinisation) and bogging of the areas, pollution and exhaustion of deposits of underground waters. Therefore forecasting of ecological conditions of underground hydrosphere as well as study of process of pollution in various technogenic conditions and development of the recommendations on efficient use of natural resources are important problems.

Now the methods of mathematical modelling are the basic ones for forecasting of hydro-geological processes in underground hydrosphere. However, satisfactory mathematical models describing process of moisture transferring in porous media have not been worked out. This situation is explained by the fact that the simulated phenomenon is essential non-linear, and mathematical model is underdetermined. That is why there is no such transfer law, which takes into account the physical characteristics of the media well as summarises the Darcy-Clutte law.

It is supposed, that the above mentioned decision foresees the listed problems of data about hydrogeological and hydrophysical parameters of an object and humidity of soil ground, level of ground waters, concentration of polluting substances in particular.

In this connection it is especially important to work out equipment, which acquires information by a non-contact way. It will allow essentially making the process cheaper and to supply with more operative reception of information required.

Such tasks are solved by electro-investigation in hydrogeology with use of an earth aerial method. The essence of the method is in dependence of aerial characteristics on electrical properties of environment, which are substantially depended on hydro-geological processes. Use and development of other receptions, than ones accepted in hydrogeology, for removal of the characteristics of aerials, is to simplify construction of the equipment, as well as implement its use on unattended points of underground water deposit (UWD).

Special system of evident representation is to be worked out for using of results of hydro-geological process forecasting. Recursive-pyramidal approach provides increase of efficiency of this system.

Use of this approach will allow not only to make condition of underground hydrosphere in the separate moments of time visual, but also evidently to represent of hydro-geological processes.

During realisation of the project gradual solution of interconnected tasks on development is to be provided.

1. Methodology of forecasting of underground hydrosphere pollution degree under the influence of natural, and technogenic the factors;

2. Measure-processing complex of the equipment for estimation of parameters describing conditions of underground hydrosphere;

3. System of evident representation of mathematical modelling results of hydro-geological processes in underground hydrosphere.

The first task will cover theoretical fundamental research as well as modelling of process of moisture and pollutants transferring in various hydro-geological conditions.

For estimation of quality of created models during realisation of the modelling it is necessary to receive real data about of underground hydrosphere condition. For this purpose work out and creation of a complex considered in the second task is provided.

The received results of mathematical modelling are to be represented by coloured fields, which are to be realised by the third task. Solving of such kind of tasks is necessary for applying of mathematical modelling methods, analytical and numerical methods of particular derivative differential equations solution, finite elements methods, approximately - analytical methods and methods of theory of measure-information systems, as well as bread-bouring methods in hardware development.

The numerous publications (more two hundred scientific works, tens of inventions) and rich work experience in mathematical modelling of complex hydro-geological processes, working out of principles and construction of various electronic devices on its basis as well as application of new information technologies, tell about rather high theoretical and practical efficiency of the project participants, that fact allows to judge the possibilityto solve the project tasks as well.

The results of the project are to be as follows:

— construction of three-dimensional mathematical models adapted to real conditions and adequately describing processes of moisture transferring in ground soils and water filtration in underground hydrosphere;
— development of methods and economic algorithms of polluting substances distribution forecasting in UWD, with use of identification of hydro-geological and geophysical parameters of porous media;
— development and creation of devices for non-contact control under the basic parameters of underground hydrosphere;
— development of programs evidently displaying dynamics and quality of underground waters parameters.

As a result of the project realisation new theoretical and technical decisions are to be received. These decisions can be used for:

— forecasting of underground hydrosphere ecological conditions and estimation of fresh water deposits for a UWD chosen;
— development of the recommendations on prevention of such undesirable consequences of water use, as pollution of underground waters, secondary salinization of ground soils, agricultural territories bogging;
— ceation of rational operations mode in water intakes, ensuring increase of operational resources UWD;
— creation of methodological basis for monitoring in underground hydrosphere of a particular UWD.

Besides, the project creates the opportunity for scientist dealing with development of weapon, to reorient their abilities for peaceful activity.

The problems connected with the control of underground hydrosphere, are not local, inherent for a separate state. They are international. Taking into account the information mentioned above, it is possible to assume, that realisation of the project will promote support of fundamental and applied research in the field of an environmental protection and allow involving military scientists in the international scientific community.

At the same time control under underground waters is one of tasks, solving of that is important for environmental protection both in the Kyrgyz Republic, and in the whole world.

Realisation of the project provides following factors:

- exchange of information between the executors of the project and collaborators;
- conducting of joint symposiums and workshops.


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