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Cryosorption Vacuum Pump


Technique and Technology of Cryogenic Sorption Vacuum Pumps

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  • MAN-MCH/Machinery and Tools/Manufacturing Technology

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Senior Project Manager
Novozhilov V V

Leading Institute
Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology, Georgia, Tbilisi

Project summary

For increase of production quality in the modern industries, for example in thin film deposition (microelectronics), it is necessary to use oil-free, non-compressing pumping system. For obtaining and keeping vacuum from 10 Pa to 10-5 Pa, most perspective is cryosorption pump with liquid nitrogen as a cryogen. Helium cryopumps, in spite of its higher vacuum characteristics, will be under scientific researches in nearest future. At the present time, pumps with liquid helium and with cryocoolers are expensive in exploitation and less reliable.

Modern cryosorption pumps are far from perfection. The main disadvantages of known cryosorption pumps are short time of uninterrupted work and the possibility of penetration of sorbent erosion products into pumping volume chamber. The project is devoted to the further improvement of cryovacuum and thermodynamic characteristics of cryosorption pumps. In result of ISTC #G-027 project, a construction of cryosorption pump with improved technical characteristics was elaborated. In particular - the new construction of cryocondenser (more effective pumping of water vapor and carbon dioxide), and the adsorption layers heat protective system by optical opaque porous screens.

The propose of suggested project is elaboration of manufacturing technology of the high vacuum cryosorption pump (CSP), manufacturing of CSP two prototypes, and testing cryovacuum parameters:

· To obtain super-pure vacuum;
· To provide the maximum acting rapidity at the minimum pump size in the range of working pressure from 10 Pa to 10-5 Pa.

In result of the Project realization, will be elaborated the manufacturing technology of high performance cryosorption pump of thin wall and disassembled construction, which can be used for their series production. The conducted in the frame of the suggested Project investigations will contribute in the progress of cryovacuum technology.

Leading participants of the suggested Project are scientists and specialists in physics, chemistry, mechanics, electronics, and mathematics. They have many years’ experience in the experimental research of cryovacuum technology. Manufacturing, assembly and testing will be accomplished by high level technicians and engineers.Elaborated cryogenic units were introduced in many enterprises of former USSR: "ORION", "MOLNIA", Atomic Energy Institute - Moscow; Nuclear Physics Institute - Novosibirsk; "ELECTRON" - Leningrad; SIPT - Suckhumi etc.

Obtained results in complete volume in the following scientific works are given:

1. Salucvadze R.G., Iremashvili D.V, Dgebuadze G.N. etc. Powerful, impulse resonator accelerator. "IR-5" - VSRE, vip.1 (17), seria IRF, 1989 (In Russian).

2. G.N.Dgebuadze, High Productive Cryosorption Pump of Disassemble Construction. - Bulletin of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, V.158, No.3, 190-192 p., 1998.

3. G.N.Dgebuadze, High Performance Cryosorption Pump. - Cold Facts, The Magazine of the Cryogenic Society of America, Inc., V.15, No. 3, Pages 8,9,28, Summer 1999.

4. G.N. Dgebuadze etc. Cryogenic pump with embrace zone of pumping. Patent USSR 14300590, BI, 1988.

5. G. Dgebuadze, S. Kakulia, P. Kervalishvili - Cryogenic condensation-sorption pumps with advanced coefficient of seizure by H2 and He - Georgian Symposium for Project Development and Conversion, Tbilisi, May 15-16, 1995.

6. Reports of the Project #G-027 for ISTC. In the Project #G-027 report ISTC.

The foreign collaborator will represent:

· comments to the technical reports;
· consult to project participants;
· render to them the methodological help in problems connected with selection of modern electronic measuring equipment for experimental vacuum stand (EVS) and monitoring and controlling system (MCS) for CSP;
· conduct testing and estimation of manufactured vacuum pump;
· take part in technical examination of project activities.

The Project is important not only from point of view of alternative engagement of scientists and engineers, whose work is connected with weapon, but moreover - in this Project will participate specialists, who after Abkhazia occupation became refugees and now live in very hard conditions.


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