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Compact PF-Pumped Lasers


Compact All-metal RF-pumped CO2 Lasers

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  • PHY-OPL/Optics and Lasers/Physics

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Leading Institute
Scientific Industrial Center Sistema, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of General Physics named after A.M. Prokhorov RAS, Russia, Moscow

Project summary

The aim of the Project is the creation of compact all-metal wave-guide RF-pumped CO2 lasers having output power of up to 100 W.

The Project offers the fulfillment of a set of scientific and technological problems on creation of cheap and compact wave-guide RF-pumped CO2 lasers with high power (specific) and spatial characteristics of the emission.

A special coating technology of a gas-discharge channel with Al2O3 is suggested which will allow to lower wave-guide lesses, and to overtake lasers with metal-ceramic structures by specific power characteristics and even to surpass them due to the advanced heat removal from the active laser medium.

Well-known slot-all-metal CO2 lasers have much lower specific power characteristics because of a complicated heat removal towards the gas-discharge cross-section of big size.

Well-designed wave-guide RF-pumped CO2 lasers have a spatial beam distribution described by TEM00 mode. But due to a small gas-discharge channel the pergence of such lasers constitute ~10-2 Rad. To achieve higher beam directivity (with simultaneous power increase) the Project suggests the application of assembly of all-metal wave-guide laser structures phased with each other. This variant gives new prospects for multichannel systems phasing in the circuit of connected wave-guides.

Besides the above mentioned items, metal application for laser channels formation and the rejection of expensive and ecologically harmful ceramics will allow to make laser structure much cheaper and more preferable for industrial application.

The given Project suggests:

- the creation of all-metal wave-guide CO2 laser, power - 20 W, and a RF-pumping unit to it as well as the study and optimization of the form and size of a gas-discharged structure, the procedure of application and processing of dielectric coating;
- the development of the principles of the compact CO2 laser arrangement with the output power of up to 100 W on the basis of lasers phased with each other; the development of a laboratory laser model with an RF-pumping unit to it and the experimental check-up of the technological decision;
- the production of laser experimental prototypes with the power of up to 20 W; the issue of production forms and records for the manufacturing.

International Collaborators Role

Firm "CeramOptec GmbH" (Germany) and firm "Fiber Optic Fabrications, Inc." (USA) are international collaborators of the Project.

"CeramOptec GmbH" firm is interested in scientific contracts & joint studies. The firm agrees to bear part of financial expenses for the Project implementation in the form of payment for the sojourn of the Russian scientists-participants of the Project in Germany during their mutual studies for the sum of 35000 DM (23000 $).

"Fiber Optic Fabrications, Inc." firm is interested in mutual technological & design contracts. The firm agrees to support the Project by giving special equipment for the sum of 3000 USD according to the agreed list.


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