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Aerosol Vaccine for Wild Animals


Study of Possibility of Aerosol Immunisation of Wild Artiodactylous Animals

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  • AGR-VTH/Vaccines and Theraupetics/Agriculture

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The Republican Government Enterprise on the basic of economic control rights “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” , Kazakstan, Gvardeiski

Project summary

The objective of the proposed project is the determination of possibility of aerosol immunization of wild artiodactylous animals and development of means and methods of specific prophylaxis of such particularly dangerous infectious diseases as rinderpest and sheep pox among them.

For implementation of this task it is planned to develop powder virus vaccines against rinderpest and sheep pox with high biological activities, high content of fractions with diameter up to 10 mm, physical-and-biological stability in aerosol. For this purpose technologies of production for highly active virus containing materials with use of the most productive cell systems, optimal ways of virus harvest and concentration will be developed, technologies of virus preservation and production of powder preparations with physical and immunobiological parameters ensuring their stability under conditions of air environment will be proposed as well.

The developed powder vaccines against rinderpest and sheep pox viruses will be tested in static and climate cabinets and under simulated conditions of environment. Different aerosol generators will be used in these tests, high power jet generator will be used in field trials. Under cabinet conditions the major aerobiological characteristics of vaccines and their dependence on changes of air temperature and relative humidity will be determined. Experiments on model animals with instrumental control of aerosol vaccination parameters under simulated environment conditions are planned. After trials in aerosol immunization of animals safety, reactogenicity and immunogenicity of developed powder virus vaccines against rinderpest and sheep pox will be evaluated.

The findings of the model experiments will be used on the final step of the project work. Experimental aerosol immunization of wild artiodactyls (saiga, yak) in their native environment with powder vaccines sprayed by high power aerosol generator from a helicopter is planned. The effectiveness of aerosol immunization will be evaluated through assays of blood sera and challenge of entrapped animals at SRAI under conditions of separate safety cabinets.

The project studies will result in development of methodological recommendations on aerosol vaccination of wild artiodactyls against rinderpest and sheep pox as well as of instructions in production of powder virus vaccines against these infections. Success in planned research work will lead to wider range of ways and methods of specific prophylaxis of rinderpest and sheep pox among wild animals.


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