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Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology

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K.I.Skryabin Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology

23, Scryabin Str., Moscow, 109472, Russia




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  • 1588 - Diagnostics of Radionuclides Effects Results

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  • Radiobiology / Biotechnology
  • Other / Agriculture
  • Monitoring and Instrumentation / Environment


The Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I.Skryabin was founded in Moscow in 1919. The Academy is an educational, research and commercial complex. It trains high skilled specialists, scientific and teaching staff.

The Academy is involved in fundamental and basic research, experimental and production developments in veterinary medicine and zootechny, biotechnology and ecology in veterinary medicine, commodity expertise, marketing and technology of food-stuffs and goods of animal origin.

In 1973 the Government of Russia took a decision to name the Academy after Konstantin Ivanovich Skryabin - a prominent scientist who has contributed a lot to the science of our country and the world and played an important part in the formation and development of the Academy.

In May in the 2000 in Prague the Academy was incorporated into the European Association of Agricultural Higher Educational Establishments at the International Congress.

The Academy has all necessary teaching, production and experimental facilities. There are 5 halls, clinics, a vivarium, garage and other premises in the campus. The chairs and clinics are furnished with modern equipment (up-to-date video, computers, electron microscopes, devices for radio-biological and molecular-biological investigations).

The Academy annually spends on researches over 1,5-2,0 million roubles. Sources of financing of scientific researches are budgetary and unappropriated fonds, competitive projects of the ministres, departments, the organization and the enterprises of various patterns of ownership, grants, economic contracts and other sources.


Research part:
– Carries out methodical, information and technical support, carry out work on strengthening material base and equipment of НИЛ,
– Obtains sources of financing scientific researches in the Acadimy,
– Carries out coordination of scientific researches of NIL with departments of Academy and with other establishments and organizations,
– Carries out registration of the technical and financial documentation at the conclusion of economic contracts and keeps up observance of financial disciplines and treaty obligations,
– Supervises rational distribution of means and the material resourses selected on НИР, qualitative performance of scientific works,
– Coordinates development of complex target and competitive programs of scientific researches and development and determines their target orientathion,
– Develops scientific and technical forecasts on НИР,
– Organizes realizathion of trademark-license work and the publication of scientific works of employees of Academy,
– Organizes and carries out scientific conferences,
– Generalizes and represents for the statement on the academic Council of Academy annual reports and plans of scientific researches,

In the structure of a research part 30-35 highly skilled scientific employees - doctors and candidates of sciences work, researches are carried out in 4 research laboratories.

– Laboratory of an infectious pathology and biotechnology (Head of lab. - doctor of veterinary sciences Devrishev D.A.),
– Laboratory of virology (Head of lab. - the candidate of veterinary scienes Muraviov V.N.),
– Laboratory of radiobiology (Head of lab. - Dr.Sci.Biol., professor Lysenko N.P.)
– Laboratory of Experties of commodities and tecnology on raw materials of animal origin (Head of lab. – Dr.Sci.Tech., professor Sapozhnikova A.I.)

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