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#0052Medical Communication

Hardware and software for medical wide area network.

#0058Hydride Metals

Technical Appliances and Technology on the Base of Metal Hydrides

#0335Nuclear Propulsion System for Mars Mission

Development of the Conceptual Project of Nuclear Thermal Power Propulsion System (NTPP) for Space Exploration. Conducting of Fuel Testing in the IVV-2 Reactor. Development of Principles to Ensure Nuclear and Radiation Safety of NTPP...

#0347High-Temperature Fuel Elements

Investigation of Promising Fuel Materials for PWR Having Maneuverable Operating Conditions.

#0349Railroad Tracks Diagnostics (R)

Comprehensive System of Railroad Tracks Speedy Diagnostics.

#0353Hybrid Reactor TEC-NIP

Hybrid Reactor (TEC-NIT) Conceptual Design Development

#0365Laser Driver Fusion Reactor

Experimental and Theoretical Modeling of a Pure and Safe High Efficiency Laser Driver Fusion Reactor.

#0515Molding Technique for Scintillators

Development of the Injection Molding Technique for Scintillation Tiles Production.

#0564Temperature of Water-cooled Reactor

Methodological Security of Temperature Measurement and Diagnostics within Power Water-moderated Water-cooled Reactor (PWR) Type on Base of Analysis of Influence Functions for Measuring Means.

#0605Laser for Steel Cutting

Development of Precision laser Steel Sheets Cutting Technology for Manufacturing of ATLAS-Spectrometer Hadron Calorimeter Structure Elements.

#0617Coated Particles in Reactors

Use of Coated Particles of High-temperature Reactors in Reactors in Reactor Core of Operated WWER with Purpose of Safety Increase

#0709Rock Materials at Waste Disposal Sites

Experimental and Theoretical Studies on the Influence of Fluids on the Structural and Physiological Mechanical Properties of Rick Materials in Nuclear Waste Burial Sites

#0710Beta-Alumina Solid Electrolyte

The Solid Electrolyte from Beta -Alumina and Technical Devices Based on it

#0711Mo- and W- Anodes for X-ray Tubes

The Anodes of Power X-ray Tubes on Base of Molybdenum and Tungsten/Molybdenum Single Crystals

#0712Sulphur-Sodium Cell Batteries

Sulphur-Sodium Cell Batteries for Power Supply to Traction Motors of Transport Systems

#0764Human Cell Karyotyping

Software and Hardware Complexes for Human Cell Karyotyping (Karyotype Identification and Morphological Analysis: New Data< Methods and Hardware)

#0814Modeling of UO2 Behavior

Uranium Dioxide Properties/Behavior at High Burnups under Reted and Emergency Conditions Determined through Out-of-Pile Modeling

#0867Cermet Compositions for Nuclear Fuel

Cermet Compositions with Nuclear Fuel Volume Fraction up to 80% for Fuel Elements of Nuclear Power Plants of Various Applications

#0878Recoverable Hard Alloy

Recoverable Cutting Hard Alloy Containing Hydrogenating Binder (Composition, Technology, Properties)

#1125High Purity Beryllium Production

Production of High-Purity (>99.99% wt.) Condensed Beryllium

#1255Materials Joining with Metal-Hydrides

Metal Hydride Method for Details Joining

#1355Converters and Filters for Engine Exhausts

Catalyst Converters and Fuel Soot Filters on Metal Substrates for Exhaust Gas Cleaning in Internal Combustion Engines

#1406Metal Hydride Drive for Reactor Protection

Development of Metal Hydride Drive for Nuclear Reactor Passive Emergency Protection System

#1407Metal Hydride Automobile Refrigerator

Development of Metal Hydride Refrigerator, Working on Heat of Internal Combustion Engine Exhaust Gases

#1410Plutonium Oxide Microspheres

Development of Basic Principles of Processing of Plutonium in Fuel PuO2-x -Microspheres with Multi-layer Coating with the Purpose of a Disposition of a Weapons Plutonium with the Substantiation of Their Long-Duration and Safe Storage and/or Burn out in Nu

#1414Elaboration of Scincillator Technology

Optimisation of the Technology, Production and Investigation of Scintillation Tiles

#2244Fire and Explosion Safety of Metal Hydrides Powder

Characterization of Fire and Explosion Ability of Metal Hydrides Powder and Development of Explosion Prevention and Protection Measures

#2797Diamond Glasses

Diamond Glasses and Composites Production by Means of High-Pressure-High-Temperature Treatment

#2878Generation IV Reactor with Solid Coolant

Innovative Concept Development for Solid Coolant Reactor of Generation IV

#2959Encapsulation of High-Level Radwaste

High-Level Radioactive Waste Encapsulation with the Use of Pyrocarbon and Silicon Carbide Coatings

#3081Mono-block large-sized plates

Development of New Methods of Manufacturing Unique Mono-Block Large-Sized Plates

#3081.2Mono-Block Large-Sized Plates

Development of New Methods of Manufacturing Unique Mono-Block Large-Sized Plates

#3194Fuel Assembly Under Severe Accident Conditions

Fuel Assembly Tests under Severe Accident Conditions

#3357Oxide Nanostructures

Fabrication of Nanostructures on the Base of Oxides of Mixed Valence Metals and Investigation of their Structural, Magnetic and Electron Properties

#3559Power Semiconductor Devices

Creation of Power Semiconductor Devices of New Generation

#3690Fuel Assemblies under Severe Accident

Study of Fuel Assemblies under Severe Accident Top Quenching Conditions in the PARAMETER-SF Test Series

#3780Reactor Temperature Control

Modernization of Metrological Security of Reactor Thermometry Taking into Account Quality of Thermal Contact Between Thermocouple and Object and Degradation of its Characteristics at Irradiation

#3819Reduction of Avian Flu Expansion Risk

Reduction of Avian Flu Expansion Risk by Means of Limiting the Possibility of Birds Intoxication with Hunting Ammunition Elements (Lead and Arsenic)

#3882Super-Pure Niobium

A Super-Pure Niobium Structure Optimization and Development of the Technology of the Super-Pure Niobium Production for Linear Accelerator Superconducting Cavity Fabrication

#3899Mechanical Alloying for Metal Matrix Nanocomposites

Development of Method of Producing Metal Matrix Nanocomposites with Use of Mechanical Alloying

#3936Fuel Assemblies under Severe Accident Conditions

Study of Fuel Assemblies with Boron Carbide Absorber Rods under Severe Accident Conditions in the PARAMETER-SF Tests Series

#3997Electrodepositing Nanostructured Composite Coatings

Development of the Method of Electrodepositing Nanostructured Composite Coatings with Improved Engineering Properties

#3999Protection of Sea Constructions against Corrosion and Biofouling

Development of Nanocomposite Coatings for Protection of Sea Constructions against Corrosion and Biofouling

#4005Nanostructure Composites for Superconducting Cables

Development of the New Structural Aluminium-Based Materials with Nanostructure Constituents for Superconducting Magnets Cable Sheath

#4027Nanomaterials for Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Development of High Quality Nano-Sized Cathode Material Based on Lithium Iron-Phosphate Technology and Its Application for High Power Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs) Assembling

#4057Combustion of Crop Production Wastes

Development, Investigation and Improvement of a System of Incinerating Crop Production Wastes in Small Capacity Boilers

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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