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Capture Cross-Sections


Measurement of Capture Cross-Sections on a Pulse Neutron Source for the Nuclei, Forming Daughter Nuclei with Short Life Time in Basic and Metastable States.

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  • PHY-PFA/Particles, Fields and Accelerator Physics/Physics

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VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Project summary

To obtain fundamental data for transmutation problems of nuclear energetic radioactive waste, it is proposed to measure capture cross-sections of thermal and resonance neutrons as well as of 235U critical assembly spectrum neutrons (of Gopa type) by 99Tc and 129I nuclei both for basic and metastable states. The measurements are held by the activation method on BIR-2M pulsed reactor, providing thermal neutron fluence of 1014 n/cm2. Besides, the measurements on spectra, simulating energy distributions of different target blankets are possible. The usage of the pulsed thermal neutron source (tn~60 microseconds) allows to obtain data with high precision, because the reaction rate in this case is characterized by high fluence of neutrons.

The main branches of the proposed project are as follows:

– preparation of the measurement methods for the radiation capture cross-sections of thermal neutrons and the resonance integral for 99Tc and 129I;
– determination of neutron fields spectral characteristics in the points of the targets under study arrangement;
– measurements of radiation capture cross-sections both on BIR-2M pulsed reactor and critical assembly;
– analysis of the results.

The main results of the project are as follows:

– values of radiation capture cross-sections of thermal neutrons by 99Tc and 129I nuclei;
– values of resonance integral for 99Tc and 129I nuclei.

Proposed project responds to the ISTC's objectives, inasmuch as provide weapon scientists and engineers, who possess knowledge and skills related to weapon of mass destruction, opportunities to redirect the talents to peaceful and long-term international activity – controlled fusion.


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