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Conservation and Perfection of the National Virus Collection

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  • BIO-CGM/Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology
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Pobedimskaya D D

Leading Institute
Ivanovsky Institute of Virology, Russia, Moscow


  • Nabi Company, USA, MD, Rockville

Project summary

On the basis on the Laboratory of collection virus strains with Diagnostic Center of the D.I.Ivanovsky Institute of Virology the National Virus Collection is working. The Collection includes 2700 strains of 600 species of viruses pathogenic for human from 18 families; the strains isolated for the last 50 years in Russia and in contiguous countries including CIS, as well as they are selected in virology laboratories of the country as reassortans, recombinants, mutants. A number of deposited strains are used as production strains to prepare vaccines and diagnostic preparations. The model strains - international standards obtained from foreign collection are in the Collection. Collection strains should be preserved for ten years in invariable condition that expects the studies and preservation of them in optimal and standard conditions with the fixation of primary features.

The research will involve RNA-arboviruses from Flavi, Toga, Bunya, Rhabdo, Reo families and DMA viruses from Herpes and Adenovirus Families.

The biological features and genetic structure of the strain-producers of arboviral, herpes and adenoviral diagnostic preparations in comparison with the standard strains, long preserved as lyophilized cultures will be studied. The work will be fulfilled by the traditional virologic, immunologic and genetic methods and will allow only to determine the quality of homogeneity of antigenic structure, infectious potential and immunogenetic potential of long preserved strains, to work out the optimal regimes not only for each strains but also to reveal general regularities and tendencies for the processes of lyophilization and long preservation of virus strain from various taxonomic groups.

The maps or generic markers and systems of the tests for identification of deposited in the collection of original author strains-producers of diagnostic preparations will be created. The provision with standard strains of production research institutes of our country as well as the delivery of the strains abroad according to the requirements will be carried out. Methodic recommendations on conservation and long preservation of strain-producers of viral diagnostic preparations will be prepared and published. The catalogue of the strains keeping in the National Virus Collection will be prepared to the publication.


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