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Epizootic Lymphangitis Immunology


Immunobiological Characterization of the Agent Causing Epizootic Lymphangitis

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  • BIO-MIB/Microbiology/Biotechnology
  • BIO-CGM/Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology

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Senior Project Manager
Melnikov V G

Leading Institute
National Biotechnology Center of Kazakstan / Scientific Research Agricultural Institute, Kazakstan, Gvardeiski

Project summary

The project proposes to fulfil research work in the following directions:

· isolation of the agent causing epizootic lymphangitis (Histoplasma farciminosum fungus);

· cultural-and-morphological characterization of Histoplasma farciminosum with selection of optimal conditions for biomass production;

· immunobiological characterization of the fungus and development of means and methods of diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis of epizootic lymphangitis.

The project research work will allow to make use of knowledge and experience of those scientists who have been studying previously after-effects of biological weapons application and working on development of safety means. It is anticipated that means and methods of diagnosis, of specific prophylaxis and therapy of epizootic lymphangitis will be developed.