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Salicylic Acid Production


New Effective Technology of Obtaining the Salicylic Acid

Tech Area / Field

  • CHE-IND/Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering/Chemistry
  • CHE-SYN/Basic and Synthetic Chemistry/Chemistry

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Leading Institute
Research Institute of New Chemical Technologies and Materials, Kazakstan, Almaty

Supporting institutes

  • The Republican Government Enterprise on the basic of economic control rights “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” , Kazakstan, Gvardeiski

Project summary

The Aim of the project:

Carrying out scientific-research and experienced-constructive works (SRECW) for elaboration of a new effective technology of obtaining the salicylic acid and for organization its experienced production.

The essence of the problem:

The offered new technology of obtaining the salicylic acid is based on elaborated by the authors of the project – a new method of obtaining the salicylic acid by the reaction of phenol’s carboxylation with sodium salt of ethylcarbonic acid. The technology is highly-economic. According to the new technology the cost of producing the salicylic acid is 2-3 times lower than its cost of producing by existing industrial method.

Main problems which must be solved for achievement of the project aim:

  1. Defining optimum parameters of the new technology of obtaining the salicylic acid;
  2. Working out laboratory regulation of the obtaining salicylic acid;
  3. Carrying out the toxicological tests of salicylic acid, obtained by the new technology;
  4. Working out the Temporary pharmacopeic clause on the preparation;
  5. Projecting and experienced-constructive work for arrangement a small-scale production of the preparation.

The Importance of the project:

Realization of the given project will help to develop pharmaceutical industry of Republic of Kazakhstan. Now Kazakhstan because of weak development of pharmaceutical industry has to import about 95% of medicine. Participation in the project scientists and engineers formerly involved in weapons development will provide for them alternative job, connected with peaceful problems.

The Role of Foreign Collaborators:

Participation in joint research work for development the new technology of obtaining the salicylic acid offered in the project and assistance in selection and ordering the necessary equipment