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Institute of Biochemical Physics

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Full Name
N.M.Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences (IBCP)

4, Kosygin St., Moscow, 119991, Russian Ferderation




ISTC Projects

  • 0060 - Health Risks in Chelyabinsk
  • 0872 - Polymer Light Emitting Devices
  • 0985 - High-energy Substances for Petroleum Wells Stimulation
  • 1032 - Development of Radioprotectors for Energy Absorption of Ionizing Radiation
  • 1769 - New Photosensitizers for Medicine and Photobiology
  • 2205 - The Structure and Metabolism of Human Plasma Lipoproteins
  • 2207 - Multifunctional Polymers and Polymeric Nanocomposites
  • 2394 - Mobile Systems for Destruction of Toxicants
  • 2614 - Magnetic Hemosorption
  • 2944 - Fast High-Temperature Surface Processing
  • 3321 - Dense Plasma for Surface Treatment
  • 3369 - Antitumor Drug “Chlonizol”
  • 3602 - Transformations under Exposure of Compression Plasma
  • 3747 - Human Eye Investigation

Tech areas

  • Environmental Health and Safety / Environment
  • Organic and Electronics Materials / Materials
  • Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering / Chemistry
  • Radiomedicine / Medicine
  • Photo and Radiation Chemistry / Chemistry
  • Biochemistry / Biotechnology
  • Other / Medicine
  • Composites / Materials
  • Solar Energy / Non-Nuclear Energy
  • Air Pollution and Control / Environment
  • Waste Disposal / Environment
  • Drug Discovery / Medicine
  • Materials Synthesis and Processing / Materials
  • Plasma Physics / Physics
  • Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology / Biotechnology
  • Basic and Synthetic Chemistry / Chemistry
  • Measuring Instruments / Instrumentation
  • Diagnostics & Devices / Medicine


    The Institute was created in 1994 and is focussing on developing fundamental research of physical matter of chemical processes in biological and molecular-organized chemical systems.
    The core of the Institute of biochemical physics of RAS, created by academician N.M. Emanuel, is the department of chemical and biological processes kinetics of the Institute of chemical physics after N.N. Semenov of RAS.
    The Institute consists of:
    - the department of food chemistry and biotechnology;
    - the department of electronics of organic materials;
    - the department of chemical materials sciences;
    - the department of ecological chemistry;
    - international centre on research of novel materials.


    1. Research of kinetics and molecular mechanisms of chemical and biochemical reactions, the development of kinetic models of complex biochemical processes.
    2. Research of chemical basis of biological catalysis and catalytic processes in molecular-organized systems;
    3. Chemical research of free radical processes in biosystems;
    4. Structure and function research of biomacromoluculars and physical active compounds by modern physical methods; quantum physical research of moleculars, permolecular structures, processes with biomacromoleculars, information technologies in chemistry and biology;
    5. Research of quantitative basis of physical and chemical processes biopolymers, polymer composites and nano-materials;
    6. Research in the field of chemical physics of sensor and neurochemical systems.

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