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Georgian Academy of Sciences / P. Melikishvili Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry

General information

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P. Melikishvili Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry

5, Jikia str., Tbilisi, 380086, Georgia


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ISTC Projects

  • G-1352 - Sex-Pheromones for Monitoring of Agricultural Pests
  • G-1431 - Sorbents for Oil Products
  • G-1599 - Fertilizers of Prolonged Action
  • G-1736 - Bitumen Deposits of Georgia
  • G-1793 - Porous Materials
  • G-2178 - Prolonged Fertilizers
  • G-2194 - Prolonged Nitre
  • G-588 - Decomposition of Liquid Rocket Fuel
  • G-619 - Electro-Membrane Technologies for Water Purification
  • G-762 - Structural Materials with High Absorbing Properties
  • G-957 - Ferric Hydrophosphate Against Infectious Diseases
  • G-997 - Extraction of Biologically Active Compounds from Plants

Tech areas

  • Plant Protection / Agriculture
  • Basic and Synthetic Chemistry / Chemistry
  • Remediation and Decontamination / Environment
  • Composites / Materials
  • Food & Nutrition / Agriculture
  • Environmental Health and Safety / Environment
  • Other / Chemistry
  • Bioremediation / Biotechnology
  • Safety and Security / Chemistry
  • Industrial Biotechnology / Biotechnology
  • Other / Agriculture
  • Engineering Materials / Manufacturing Technology
  • Materials Synthesis and Processing / Materials
  • Drug Discovery / Medicine
  • Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering / Chemistry


In 1929 the first scientific-research Institute of chemistry was founded in Georgia now it is P.Melikishvili Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences. In 1941 the Institute became the member of the Academy of Sciences.

Director of the Institute is academician of the Academy of Sciences- T.Andronikashvili, doctor of Chemistry Sciences, professor, P.Melikishvili and A.Tvalchrelidze prize winner, member of two Academic Councils on Adsorption and Chromatography of the Academy of Sciences of the former USSR, vice-chairman of the section on adsorbents and catalysis under the department of chemistry and chemical technology of the Academy of Sciences, vice chairman of the editor of chemical series "Matsne".

Academician of the Academy of Sciences Giorgi Tsitsishvili is honorary director of the Institute.

The Institute has two members of the Academy-academicians G.Tsitsishvili and T.Andronikashvili, 16 doctors of Chemistry Sciences and 93 Candidates of Science.


The scientific work of the Institute involves the sphere of physical and organic chemistry The major scientific directions are as follows: adsorption, catalytic and colloid-chemical processes; petroleum chemistry; synthesis, properties and structure of biologically active substances; high-molecular compounds; physicochemical and technological Studies of natural materials; Studies and application of synthetic and natural zeolites. The main problems of these scientific directions-on the basis of the development of physical and organic chemistry preparation of new efficient substances and materials, investigation and application of them in national economy. Surface phenomena, catalysis, processes of preparation and modification of polymers.