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The Science Project Program is the most comprehensive nonproliferation activity conducted by the ISTC. Through this program, the ISTC solicits scientific project proposals from institutes throughout the CIS and provides funding and logistic support to project teams.

Project teams receive written concurrence from the host country on whose territory their research will be conducted, and then develop and execute their project with foreign collaborating organizations. Foreign collaborators ensure the project goals contribute to the state-of-the-art in the field, and that results will find applications in real problems in basic and applied research.

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Guidelines on Submission of new Project Proposals

A «ISTC forum» web site for submission of new Project Proposals is being developed.

User manual

In this connection please be informed, that 

  • At the 65th ISTC Governing Board meeting in December 2017 it was decided to make funding decisions only once a year (in mid-year);
  • At the 66th ISTC Governing Board meeting in July 2018 it was approved that starting with the next GB Funding session (probably in June of 2019) the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) and Secretariat should prepare for each «Area of Interest» a Ranking List of the highest scored Project Proposals.

It means that

  • New Project Proposals have to be entered into the «ISTC forum» web site.
  • New Project Proposals which have been already submitted to the ISTC as hard copy (paper) document, have to be transferred to the «ISTC forum» web site.
  • ISTC will not more accept a Project Proposal as hard copy (paper) document. But to get the Host Government Concurrence Letter a hard copy document is needed. That´s why it is possible to generate a MS Word file, which can be printed out. By this way you get the Proposal document in English. If necessary, the Proposal should be translated into other languages – as before.
  • ISTC office will check all Project Proposals. “Complete” proposals will be submitted to the members of ISTC Scientific Advisory Committee SAC for evaluation.
  • the SAC Project Proposal evaluation will be integrated in the «ISTC forum» web site .
  • Project Proposals which have been submitted to the SAC prior the next deadline March 15, 2020 will be evaluated by the SACprobably in April 2020.

For further information regarding the «ISTC forum» web site, please use the possibilities in the Help menu of that web site: A User manual is available, also a “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” data base.

To ask your own questions, please use the FAQ or send an email to

If you would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The «ISTC forum» web site is already accessible and one can enter new Project Proposals. But at the moment this web site has not yet the intended functionality to enter the complete information on Project Proposals in accordance with the current hard copy (paper) template.

New Project Proposals which have been already submitted (with Host Government Concurrence) to the ISTC, have to be transferred to the «ISTC forum» web site – when the web site is completed ISTC will ask the authors to do that.


Executive Memo on the change of procedure/policy on scanned documents (issued on 24 July 2014)


All documents needed


Contact information for host government concurrence:

YAKUBOVA Gulnora Seitkaldievna 

tel: +7 (7172) 769 536; 



Contact information of project proposal group in ISTC:

SHAMPIYEVA Kalamkas Dyuisenovna

tel.: +7 (7172) 769 535;